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Mares Hybrid BCD

Mares Hybrid BCD with all it's exciting features and clever design is a rather huge leap from your ordinary BC. While it has all the standard features that you'd expect from a BC, it's the added technical advancements which really make it stand out.

The Foldable Backpack System system, which allows for the backplate to fold on itself, makes this jacket incredibly compact for travel. And the Suspension System  -utilizing well-developed technology used in traditional outdoor backpacks- helps distribute the weight evenly.

The Hybrid utilizes soft yet durable materials and is overall very light weight. Featuring Trim weight pouches integrated in the back pack and the MRS Plus weight integration system distributes weight evenly around the jacket.

It has bright red colored D-rings, which make the point of attachment stand out and easy to spot and zippered pockets, which are expandable with Velcro-fastening.

While the Hybrid might look conventional at a first glance, we think the combination of it's well-thought out features makes it a very interesting design!

Customize your BCD with either Mares Force Plus Knife or Mares Force Nano Plus Knife




Size / With Dive Knife
XS/S / No Thanks 3-4 days
XS/S / Force Plus Dive Knife 3-4 days
XS/S / Force Nano Dive Knife 3-4 days
M/L / No Thanks 3-4 days
M/L / Force Plus Dive Knife 3-4 days
M/L / Force Nano Dive Knife 3-4 days
XL / No Thanks 3-4 days
XL / Force Plus Dive Knife 3-4 days
XL / Force Nano Dive Knife 3-4 days
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