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Apeks Regulator Packages

Apeks have a rich heritage in the manufacture of pioneering diving regulator technology and have been doing so since the mid-seventies - As such they have a huge amount of experience to draw upon when crafting your diving regulators.
They take the needs of every diver into account, whether you are the holiday diver that wouldn't dream of getting in water below 12 degrees or you are the hard-core wreckhead that refuses to leave water warmer than 12 degrees; Apeks has it all.

The Apeks Flight Regulator package is an absolute essential for the travelling diver who likes to travel light and dive in style; Whereas the Apeks  XTX 200 is for the diver who demands the very best from their regulator, with no quarter given!
If you enjoy a mix-up of both style of diving then you should take a serious look at the Apeks Black Sapphire!

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