Diving Cylinders

The diving cylinder provides you with your primary source of air while submerged in water, allowing you to breathe for a substantial amount of time without having to surface. Amount of air depends on the size of the dive cylinders. The most common choice of cylinders is 10 litre, 12 litre or 15 litre cylinders but aluminium tanks and steel manifolded twinsets are also becoming very popular.

We have a fantastic range of diving cylinders available from 3-litre to 15-litre in 232 and 300 bars. We offer steel and aluminium cylinders depending on your type of diving including manifolded twinsets, aluminium stage cylinders and deco tanks for the growing technical diving community. Right diving cylinders should be well made to high-quality standards, and that is why we have carefully selected only the best manufacturers of dive cylinders like Faber, Vitkovice, Beaver, MDE and Scubapro.

Faber Diving Cylinders have been the most popular brand in the diving community for the past few decades, and it is probably one of the first brands that come to mind when talking about scuba diving manufactures. Faber cylinders are lightest in the steel tank market encompassing certified quality and ideal buoyancy for almost every divers needs. 

Vitkovice Diving Cylinders is one of the largest manufacturers of seamless scuba diving cylinders in the world. Their scuba cylinders producing heritage stretches back to 1906, and their products are known for exceptional quality for long-lasting usage.

Scubapro Dive Cylinders are well known for their looks and quality. No surprise there as no other company made Scubapro steel cylinders than the world-famous Faber. All Scubapro Cylinders are supplied with Scubapro valve, branding and a boot. 

Mike's Dive Store also offers scuba diving cylinders visual or hydrostatic testing, ensuring that your scuba tanks will serve you well and long. To book your hydrostatic or visual test slot, click HERE.

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