Freediving, Ocean Entrepreneurship & Stories from The Deep

Freediving, Ocean Entrepreneurship & Stories from The Deep

Experience an extraordinary evening of inspiration as we delve into the world of Freediving, Ocean Entrepreneurship, and Stories from The Deep. Join us for an unforgettable journey that will leave you feeling energized and uplifted!

When: 25th April @ 19:00
Where: Chiswick Showroom and Live on FB
Entry: FREE

Hanli Prinsloo

Hanli Prinsloo is a South African who holds records in freediving and is also an ocean activist who works towards creating awareness about the importance of oceans. She uses both non-profit and business initiatives to foster a deeper connection with the ocean. Hanli's love for nature was instilled in her from a very young age when she grew up on a horse farm in rural South Africa. This connection with nature has driven her to appreciate the need for wilderness experiences.

Hanli Prinsloo Freediving Presentation

Environmental Inspiration

Hanli is also a social-political documentary filmmaker with a focus on stories of transformation, hope, and inspiration. She is also an accomplished freediver who excels in competitive freediving and is a highly sought-after coach and keynote speaker. Her passion lies in reconnecting people with nature through I AM WATER Ocean Guardians workshops, which are designed to provide training to underserved coastal communities around the world. Additionally, Hanli offers bespoke freediving trips through Ocean Travel, which serves as sustainable fundraising for her cause. Her mission of freediving with marine megafauna has led to several exhibitions, films, and articles highlighting the human/animal connection.

Hanli Prinsloo Freediving Presentation

Agulhas Freediving Equipment

In 2021, Hanli co-founded AGULHAS, a brand that pioneers sustainable ocean exploration. This newly established company draws inspiration from the fascinating ocean world at Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa, where the cold South Atlantic and the warm Indian Ocean converge, creating diverse marine life. The Agulhas Current, a warm and dynamic "ocean river" that originates in Mozambique and flows down the eastern coast of South Africa, has been a subject of interest for seafarers since ancient times due to its rich biodiversity. Hanli inspires us all by balancing her passions for work and family. She lives in Cape Town with her partner and their two little water babies.

Hanli Prinsloo Freediving Presentation 

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