Best Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Masks in 2024

Best Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Dive Masks in 2024

In 2024, scuba and snorkelling masks offer unparalleled clarity, durability, and comfort. With advancements in technology and materials, manufacturers can now offer masks with wider fields of vision, reduced distortion, and better light transmission. Mike's Dive Store has carefully selected its top picks for the best masks in various categories, ensuring every diver and snorkeler can find their perfect match. Remember, the most crucial aspect is that the mask fits you well.


Best Budget Dive Mask

Apart from cheap and cheerful snorkelling dive mask kits, if you are looking for good quality but inexpensive dive mask, the Scubapro Trinidad 3 dive mask is great. Highly popular with juniors and ladies, these masks come at around the £50 price mark, so they are one of the most cost-effective masks on the market at the mo.

The Scubapro Trinidad 3 is a lightweight and frameless mask that offers a wide, uninterrupted view of the underwater. It features an innovative one-hand quick adjustment buckle system, allowing divers to achieve a perfect fit with minimal effort.

  • What we like about this mask is its low price point, descent quality and multiple colour choices.
Best Budget Scuba and Snorkelling Mask in 2024

Best Full Face Snorkelling Mask

The Ocean Reef Aria QR+ stands out as the best of full-face snorkelling masks in 2024, making it an unmistakable choice for snorkellers who feel uneasy or unfamiliar with traditional diving masks. Its superior orinasal pocket, adapted from high-end full-face scuba masks used by recreational and professional divers, sets a new standard for comfort and breathability underwater. This innovative design allows snorkellers to breathe naturally through their nose or mouth, without the discomfort of a mouthpiece. Furthermore, the Aria QR+'s expansive field of vision ensures that users can fully appreciate the underwater scenery without feeling restricted. This mask is a game-changer for those who wish to explore the wonders of snorkelling with unparalleled ease and comfort. Our customer Service Guru - Jena - says this is by far the best snorkelling mask in 2024!

  • What sets the Ocean Reef Aria QR+ apart from other full-face snorkelling masks is its exceptional orinasal pocket, making it the most comfortable for long hours of snorkelling.
Best Snorkelling Mask in 2024 - Ocean Aria QR

Best Prescription Lens Dive Masks

Tusa leads the way in our portfolio with popularity and comfort in the prescription mask collection in 2024. The TUSA Freedom Ceos and Tusa Intega dive masks stand out as the best prescription dive masks with stock lenses available. For those seeking the best fit in a dive mask, there's a high chance you'll find a perfect fit between these two options. Designed to accommodate a wide range of face morphologies, they ensure comfort without compromising on quality or visibility underwater.

However, for professionals in need of a prescription lens, the TUSA Paragon dive mask by Tusa offers not just exceptional quality but also UV 420 protection. This feature is particularly beneficial for tropical water open water instructors and divemasters, providing not only clear vision but also protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This makes the Paragon an ideal choice for those who spend extensive time under the sun in marine environments. Could this also be the best professional dive mask in 2024? Likely Yes! 

  • Great fit for a wide range of face morphologies, prescription lenses in plus and minus dioptres, spare parts support from Tusa


Best Prescription Dive Mask - Tusa Paragon

Best Junior Dive Mask

The Tusa Ino dive mask, designed specifically for junior divers and those with smaller facial structures, integrates a single-lens design to offer a broad field of vision. Its low volume contributes to easier clearing and a closer fit. This mask borrows fitting technology from the advanced Intega and Zensee models, ensuring a snug and comfortable seal against the face. The silicone skirt of the mask varies in thickness, providing both flexibility and durability in critical areas to prevent water leakage. This thoughtful design ensures that younger or petite divers can enjoy their underwater adventures with confidence and comfort.

Advance your dive experience with the innovative Tusa Ino Pro. Equipped with advanced lens technology, this mask is a grate choice for serious divers and enthusiasts alike. Featuring UV 420 Lens Treatment, it shields your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, making it perfect for sunny destinations. The Anti-Reflective Lens technology enhances underwater visibility by reducing glare, while the CrystalView Optical Glass ensures clarity under any conditions. Additionally, the Freedom Film prevents fogging, maintaining optimal visibility throughout your dive. Whether exploring coral reefs or shipwrecks, the Ino Pro mask provides an unparalleled view of the underwater world, allowing you to enjoy your adventures to the fullest. The Scubapro's Trinidad 3 is by far the best budget dive mask in 2024 according to our clients!

  • Price, grate fit and funky colour choices make this mask popular among younger divers, and the Ino Pro offers UV protection and anti fog film sticker.
Best Junior Dive Mask in 2024

Best Mirror Lens Dive Mask

The Cressi Quantum dive mask redefines expectations for divers seeking innovative design - this mask claim to be the first true anti-fog dive mask. A standout feature in the realm of mirror lens dive masks, the Quantum mask offers unprecedented downward vision, ensuring divers can enjoy a wide, improved view. Its sophisticated internal thermoregulation system sets it apart, efficiently preventing lens fogging—a common challenge among scuba divers. This system cleverly redirects warm, moist air exhaled through the nose away from the lenses. Instead, air is directed towards the mask's rubber skirt; here, two ingeniously integrated heat exchangers act as mini-radiators. By dissipating heat and moisture, they maintain a cooler, drier environment inside the mask. This not only prevents fogging but also contributes to a comfortable fit, regardless of temperature fluctuations underwater. The Quantum mask, with its mirror lens, not only reduces glare but also enhances contrast, making it an essential gear for serious divers or underwater spearos - the best looking mirrored lens mask in 2024. 

  • Looking for an air circulation system that offers medium to low volume? How about a glare reducing mirror lens that's perfect for spearfishing? Look no further! Cressi Quantum covers it all.

Best Modular Freediving Mask

The AGULHAS Mokarran freediving mask stands as a great choice for freedivers who demand the best in underwater visibility and comfort. Housed in a robust, waterproof case, this mask guarantees durability and protection, making it an excellent companion for your aquatic explorations. Its distinctive curved lens mimics the exceptional peripheral vision of the hammerhead shark, offering freedivers the best field of view from all freediving mask available. The modular design of the mask not only facilitates easy maintenance but also ensures that each component can be replaced as needed, extending the mask's lifespan-more ecological approach. Whether navigating the serene depths in apnea or just having fun in shallow waters, the AGULHAS Mokarran Freediving Mask delivers unparalleled clarity and comfort and wins in best modular freediving mask category in 2024!

  • What our Staff loves about Mokarran Dive Mask? - Best field of vision from all freediving and apnea dive masks, UVA and UVB protection, contemporary modular approach to mask design
Best FIeld of Vision Freediving Mask - Agulhas Mokarran

Best Low Volume Freediving Mask

Cressi is a company rooted in underwater hunting and spearfishing. Kings in producing great underwater spearguns, Cressi also excels in producing a wide range of low-volume freediving, apnea, and spearfishing dive masks—ruling this particular category.

The Cressi Atom freediving mask stands out in the Cressi lineup as a marvel of design for free-diving enthusiasts. Its semi-rigid core is ingeniously engineered to reduce internal volume to an absolute minimum. This feature is crucial for free divers, as a lower volume makes the mask easier to equalize and reduces buoyancy underwater. Additionally, by eliminating the need for an external plastic frame, the Atom boasts a significantly reduced weight and streamlined profile. This reduction not only enhances hydrodynamics but also contributes to a more comfortable and less cumbersome experience during long durations underwater. The Atom’s design philosophy emphasizes minimalism without sacrificing functionality, setting a new benchmark for performance in the freediving community. When we checked the Cressi Atom is the lowest volume mask this year!

  • Why do we love Cressi Atom? - ultra low volume for the size, cool look and descent price tag


Best Freediving Mask in 2024 Cressi Atom

Best High-End Dive Mask

Atomic is very often described by our Showroom Staff as the McLaren of the diving industry. They produce one of the best regulators in the market and pride themselves on producing a mask with  UltraClear Schott Superwite glass that offers the best light transmission.

Following on with the success of the new bi-moulded silicone skirts Atomic introduced bi-moulded technology to the Venom range with the Atomic Venom Frameless Mask. The bi-moulded skirt technology means that on the first 5mm of the skirt that touches your face, they have made it incredibly soft but then as the skirt moves away from your face, the silicone hardens up to give the actual mask some firmness. This innovative approach ensures unparalleled comfort against the skin while still providing the structural integrity needed to hold the mask securely in place. The result is a mask that not only fits more snugly and comfortably but also reduces the potential for water leakage, enhancing the diver's experience with improved visibility and comfort during long runtimes.  Atomic Venom is truly holds the pole position in the best high-end dive masks in 2024! Sol is loving his Atomic dive mask in 2024!

  • What we love about Atomic? Soft bi-silicone, high light transmission, overall excellent quality


Best High End Dive Mask in 2024 Atomic Venom

Best Field of Vision Dive Mask

The Fourth Element Seeker dive mask is renowned for providing divers with an expansive field of vision, a crucial element for both safety and enjoyment underwater. Its frameless, single-lens construction not only offers a sleek, modern look but significantly reduces the mask's volume, making it easier to clear and reducing drag as you swim. Whether you opt for the pure clear or the contrast lens, you are guaranteed a crystal-clear view of the marine life around you. The clear lens maximizes light entry, ideal for murky or deeper waters, while the contrast lens enhances visual sharpness and depth perception in brighter conditions. The Seeker's design prioritizes comfort, with a soft silicone skirt that molds to the contours of the face, ensuring a snug, leak-free fit for a wide variety of face shapes. With these features, the Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask not only improves your field of vision but also enhances your overall underwater exploration experience. Cat, our Showroom Manager, picks the Fourth Element Seeker as her best dive mask in this category :-)

  • What we love about the Seeker? The best forward field of vision, especially useful in horizontal trim, pleasantly soft silicone and great contrast lens!


Best Field of Vision Dive Mask - Seeker

Best Full Face Dive Mask

Full-face masks offer another level of diving, especially beneficial in cold waters. With a great field of vision—around 20% more than in a standard dive mask—protection from cold waters, and a natural breathing experience without mouthpieces, full-face dive masks are a fantastic choice for any diver looking for a new experience. There is no better recreational full-face dive mask than the Ocean Reef Neptune 3.

The Ocean Reef Space Extender Neptune III represents the pinnacle of full face mask technology, meticulously engineered, prioritizing comfort, safety, and effortless breathing; this latest iteration is a testament to Ocean Reef's commitment to innovation. Mobility and visor clarity have also seen substantial improvements, ensuring that divers can move more freely and observe marine life with crisp, clear precision. Furthermore, the integrated second stage has been thoroughly reimagined. This revamp not only simplifies maintenance and servicing but also facilitates the ease of swapping, aligning with the needs of modern divers seeking a reliable and natural-feeling underwater breathing apparatus.

  • What we love about Ocean Reef Neptune III is its excellent fit, super comfortable natural breathing, and range of accessories, including an optional headlight.


Best Full Face Diving Mask in 2024 - Neptune III

Best Classic Frogman's Frameless Mask

The Scubapro Frameless Dive Mask revolutionizes the traditional diving experience with its single-lens design that not only offers an unmatched field of view but also significantly reduces the overall volume of the mask. The key to its superior comfort and performance lies in the soft silicone skirt, which incorporates a double-seal system, ensuring a snug and secure fit without the risk of leaks. Unlike masks that feature rigid frames, the Scubapro Frameless allows for the entire piece to be folded flat, making it an ideal companion for divers who prioritize convenience and portability in their gear. This design choice not only simplifies storage but also minimizes the risk of damage during travel. To further enhance the mask's comfort, traditional buckles are smartly attached to the skirt rather than the frame, allowing for easy adjustments. The wide headband is thoughtfully designed to distribute pressure evenly across the back of the head, preventing the discomfort typically associated with tighter fittings. This combination of innovative features makes the Scubapro Frameless Dive Mask a standout choice for divers seeking a reliable, comfortable, and efficient mask. When not diving in a full face mask and his rebreather, Shem picks this Scubapro Frameless mask as his top weapon of choice in the classic mask category in 2024!

  • The traditional frameless design makes you look like a navy seal, with a good price tag of under £100.


Best Frogmans Dive Mask in 2024

In summary, the diverse selection of dive masks available caters to a wide array of underwater adventures, from casual snorkelling to professional full-face diving excursions. According to the experts at Mike's Dive Store, we've highlighted the top 10 masks that stand out for their innovative features, comfort, and performance. Whether you're exploring cold, deep waters with the Ocean Reef Neptune 3 Full Face Mask, enjoying the expansive view with the Fourth Element Seeker, or opting for the minimalist appeal of the Cressi Atom, there's a mask designed to suit your type of diving. Each mask has been carefully selected for its unique attributes, ensuring that divers of all preferences and levels can find a mask that suits their needs. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to choose the right mask. Remember - the best mask is the one that fits you correctly. Happy and Safe Scuba Diving!