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Meet the Team

Steve Brown

Owner and Full Time Tea Boy

Steve is actually called David, and isn’t even Irish. It’s absolutely mental. He’s Scottish. ‘Haggis’ to his mates goes crazy for peanuts, cycling, and orange waterproof trousers. That’s all we know of him. An internet whiz kid from a tender age, ‘ Haggis’ left the grind of the Scottish fish farms in search of life experience, and to ‘to be free, like a butterfly’ as he puts it. Deported from Africa for fraud, he now puts his skills to good use and is our internet vice lord and owner.

Surfie" aka Christian

Assistant Manager

From the United States of Yorkshire, typical Leeds-boy speaks faster than the average man and is occasionally hard to understand to the southern ear but is always on hand to help with any questions / queries from scuba equipment to travel. If it's south East Asia you want to discuss be prepared to make sure you have a flexible schedule and a cuppa to hand because it's going to take a while. Even if you just want your dive computer servicing he's the man for the job just don't say you needed it done yesterday. Never seen without a bottle of hot sauce in his pocket (maybe that's why his trousers look like there falling down). With a recent surfing obsession surfie can give you the down low on the best spots either on top of or below the water throughout Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Lives by the motto "One Love One Life" he even got it printed on his chest with a bamboo stick in a random Thai beach bungalow - feel free to ask if you want to see it, he's not shy.

Joe Bourne

A veritable diving god!

Standing at 6’6” he, literally, towers above the rest - That being said, he’s never happier to help. Except for maybe when he has a camera in his hands with a few critters hidden about the place!

Joe is an aspiring wildlife photographer and has a photographic memory for all things photographic! And as a seasoned instructor he exudes diving knowledge like there was a worldwide shortage of it. And no, he does not have a nickname - Many have tried (Lofty, Lurch, Short Stuff, that fella from Nirvana ect ect) and none have stuck. Think you’ve got an a good one for him? why not pop into the store and try your luck!

(He is also the long-lost brother of secret agent Jason Bourne, although don’t tell anyone!)

Trevor Wiltshire

Service Technician

Trevor has been in the dive industry since the beginning of time. He is, quite literally, a wizard when it comes to repairing and servicing gear.  Trevor is also a PADI Master Instructor and has spent time overseas in Egypt as well as other destinations.  Trevor is a Master Instructor. And has some photos of Scuba Steve from the Sinai in 90's that he would rather not become public!

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