Reels & Spools

Dive reels are nowadays an essential bit of your diving equipment. They serve as SMB deploying device or a primary line tool and are regarded by many divers as one of the most essential diver safety equipment. If you enjoy shore or boat diving in a tropical destination or liveaboard holidays, we recommend having one with you.

Dive spools, also known as finger spools, originate from technical and cave diving but nowadays are used by many recreational divers. Their low profile and size make them comfortable enough to slide into a BCD or a leg pocket or just have them attached to one of the BCD d-rings. They also serve well as a back-up to your primary reel.

Apeks Lifeline Spools are made out of a rugged, single piece of anodised aircraft-grade aluminium for extended life. Technical divers particularly like this design which allows the use of the thick neoprene or dry gloves thanks to larger diameter centre hole.  Each Apeks Lifeline Spool is equipped with high quality and high visibility line for better safety. 

Mares XR spools are one of the best-made tools on the market. They are made from stainless steel with moulded edges for better grip.  As you would expect from a product of this quality, all Mares spools come with high visibility and high durability lines. Mike's Dive Store also features Mares XR Reels - these exceptionally well-manufactured reels with a hard-coat finish made for wreck, caves and generally more challenging dives.

Dive Rite is manufacturing one of the top reels and spools for diving application from open water diving through to cave diving. Their line of safety reels is an excellent example that medium and large size reels do not have to bulky or heavy. They are made from a combination of materials like polycarbonate and stainless steel and are a fantastic choice for any diver.

One of the best expedition and cave reels are presented by Hollis. But this American company is not restricting itself to big size Seeker reels only. Their SS Finger spools are loved by many technical and recreational divers and can be operated even in thick gloves. 

Mike's Dive Store offers spools and reels from major dive equipment manufacturers including Diver Rite, Hollis, Apeks, Mares XR, Custom Divers and Scubapro. 

If you are looking for some specific diver safety Blog have a look at Tims guide to Scuba Diving Surface Safety and Equipment.

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