Undersuits for Drysuits

While a Drysuit is going to do 50% of the work and keep you dry, you will still rely on your undersuit to do the other 50% - Which is keep you warm!

Most major equipment diving manufacturers like Scubapro and Mares offer a wide range of a drysuit matching undersuits - from warm super lightweight base layers to full-on diving undergarments suitable for artic diving. Here at Mike's Dive Store, we firmly believe that having a correctly chosen undersuit will make your diving experience even more enjoyable. 

We stock Fourth Element Undersuits for their unbeatable thermal properties. This British company has been producing award-winning undersuits, base layers and thermal protection for recreational and technical scuba diving for a few years now. Their range of products will sort your diving requirements from warmer water drysuit diving, moderate climate diving and arctic-like conditions too - they have an undersuit or base layer for every diving combination. Fourth Element is using one of the fastest wicking products on the market while making sure they keeping warmth, low bulk and low buoyancy. 

Thermalution Heated Undervests if you need that extra heated boost. Thermal vests are the latest invention in recreation and technical diving from one of the leading companies - their products feature the latest technology of non-metallic heating wire technology that will keep you warm. Thermulation offers different grades of the heating vests and undersuits that will transform your wetsuits or drysuits into a palace of warmth and care. We feel Thermulation suits will genuinely take your diving to the next level. 

Waterproof Bodytec Undersuits combine cutting edge fabric technology with functionality. This company is specializing in coldness busting undersuits - from 3D printed Meshtec fabric to 200g and 300g HD fiberfill materials that will protect you from cold. Their undergarments are the primary choice for many recreational and technical cold water divers. 

Weezle Undersuits - if you are looking for a more classic look but do not want to compromise on quality and performance - Weezle is the way forward! Loved my many UK divers they offer a unisex design in two main types of undersuit - Compact and Extreme.  They are no-frills undersuits but will provide all you expect from a quality undersuit and deliver time and time again whether you are diving in lakes, quarries or sea.

Not sure what type of undersuit you need or how thick it should be? Read our 'Choosing a Diving Undersuit' guide for some helpful advice, and details about the different kinds of undersuits, materials and thicknesses and how they pair up with varying types of drysuits.

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