Dive Bags

Which Dive Bag to choose?! Yes, quite a question. Firstly ask yourself: Do you need a dive bag with wheels? They only really help you when going somewhere where you can roll your bag. If it is down some dirt track or rickety jetty to the dive boat then consider this feature carefully as you might rather want to get a dive bag that has some sturdy handles or shoulder strap to carry it.

Then there's the all important weight question. Some dive bags can weigh up to 6 kilos without anything in them. Although this is now becoming more unlikely with all the lightweight fabrics on offer. But please do bear in mind that to make any dive bag lightweight there has to be some compromise on durability, so it is basically always a case of compromise over the actual weight of a dive bag, how many years of service you think you would like to get out of it, how much dive gear you would like to get into it and how much you would like to spend.

Still have questions or need for information? Take a look at our ' Choosing the Right Dive Bag' guide for further details about different bags types and some helpful tips.

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