Best Dry Suits for UK Diving

Best Drysuits for UK Diving

The primary purpose of a drysuit is to keep water away from your body. While some drysuit materia...
by Cath Bates 27/03/21
Best Scuba Diving Drysuits 2021

Best Scuba Diving Drysuits 2021

There is a drysuit for every temperature and underwater environment here at Mike’s Dive Store, wh...
by Cath Bates 25/01/21
Using Heated Undersuit Systems

Using Heated Undersuit Systems

One item rising hugely in popularity is a heated diving undersuit garment. Like in any extreme sp... Read More
by Przemyslaw Tarko 05/11/20
Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit Now Available

Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit Now Available

The Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit is now available at Mike's Dive Store with a full size range for imme... Read More
by Tim Harrison 25/01/17

Choosing a Diving Drysuit

Divers looking to keep warm in colder water or during long dives have more choice than ever befo...
by Tim Harrison 20/11/16

Membrane Drysuit Guide

What is a Membrane Drysuit? A membrane drysuit is made from a special laminated fabric that is u...
by Tim Harrison 19/11/16

Neoprene Drysuit Guide

Neoprene drysuits are quite obviously made from neoprene of varying thicknesses and neoprene has...
by Tim Harrison 19/11/16

Choosing a Drysuit

My van is the vehicular equivalent of ‘Trigger’s Broom’. In my mind I think of it as an excellen...
by Alex Griffin 16/11/15