Scubapro Free Undersuit Promo is Back

Free Scubapro Undersuit Promo is Back

From time to time, Scubapro offers amazing promos, and a new free drysuit undersuit promo has just landed in time for the UK diving season opening. With Every purchase of Scubapro Evertech Drysuit,  a free K2 Extreme Undersuit can be claimed free of charge. This promo applies to all Scubapro drysuits purchased from March 1st until May 31st or while stocks last.

Scubapro has always been known for its high-quality and reliable diving gear, and their drysuits are no exception. Made with top-of-the-line materials and innovative design, Scubapro drysuits provide the utmost comfort and protection for divers in even the most challenging conditions.


Scubapro Evertech Drysuit

Scubapro Evertech Breathable Drysuit is one of our main tools of the trade when it comes to diving. A few of the guys at Mike's Dive Store use them and love them. So what's so special about Evertech DrySuit? Well, it is an amazing suit packed with features, making this drysuit one of the best deals available on the market at this price range. Some of the top features we love about the Scubapro Evertech Drysuit include:

  • Si-Tech neck seal system: This user-changeable seal system ensures a perfect seal and can easily be replaced by the diver, saving time and money.
  • Si-Tech wrist seal system: User-changeable wrist seals and an Ultima dry glove-ready system make the rig cold water diving ready
  • Ultra lightweight and flexible: The drysuit is designed for both UK diving and temperate water diving, providing ease of movement under the water.
  • Telescopic body: Offers a super comfortable fit in all diving scenarios, enhancing the overall diving experience.
  • Sizable two technical pockets: Equipped with Velcro and a zipped compartment, these pockets are perfect for carrying essential tools and accessories.
  • Double zipper system with polymer zip: Secures the main brass zips, ensuring durability and protection against water entry.

Free Scubapro K2 Extreme Undersuit

But what sets this promo apart is the free scubapro undersuit that comes with every purchase of Evertech Scubapro drysuit. The undersuit is an essential piece of gear to keep you warm and comfortable while diving in colder waters. Made with insulating materials specifically for trilaminate drysuits, it traps air close to your body, providing necessary warmth without adding bulk or restricting movement.

Moreover, the undersuit is designed specifically for Scubapro drysuits, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum performance. It features soft cuffs and collars for added comfort and reinforced knee and elbow pads for durability. With this free undersuit promo, you can dive into colder waters with confidence and comfort.

Scubapro Free K2 Extreme Undersuit

Scubapro K2 Extreme Undersuit Features:

  • Dual Fleece material 629 g/m2 (+/-10%) with 919 g/m2 on shoulders, chest & knees is breathable and stretchy, delivering maximum thermal insulation.
  • Compatible with trilaminate drysuits.
  • Steamer design includes anti-squeeze protection padding on shoulders, chest and knees.
  • Storage pockets with zippers are located on both hips.
  • Elastic wrist loops and heel straps prevent ride-up when pulling on a drysuit.
  • Convenient front double slider zipper ensures easy donning and doffing.
  • Holes on legs can be adapted to P valves.



How to avail the promo

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply purchase any Scubapro drysuit from March 1st until May 31st and receive a free K2 Extreme undersuit with your order. This promo is available - just drop your Evertech Drysuit and K2 Extreme into your basket and use this promo code - "Scubapro-evertech-offer".

Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your diving gear and enjoy the added bonus of a free undersuit. Start planning your next diving adventure with Scubapro, and experience the ultimate comfort and performance in your dry suit. Happy diving! Keep checking our site for more exciting promos from Scubapro. Dive safe, stay warm, and explore more with Scubapro gear. See you underwater!