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Christmas Gifts For the Diver Who Has Everything

christmas gifts for the diver who has everything

Can there ever be a diver who has everything? Well kind of sort of we suppose. If you've got a decent set of equipment including a BCD, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit and dive computer along with all the relevant accessories, it can be quite difficult to know what would make a good gift...

Here's a few gift idea curveballs to mix it a bit this Christmas...

A Nice Dive Watch

Given that dive computers have now completely eclipsed tables as a means of tracking dives, the divers watch has somewhat fallen out of favour. The only problem is that you can't wear your Suunto Zoop to the pub to show off. Apeks make a very smart classic divers watch with a moveable bezel and a helium escape valve which you'll never, ever use.

A Hangair

A hanger? No, a Hangair... Yes you're correct, it's a hanger that costs £100 with a built in fan. It sounds ridiculous but it's actually incredibly useful, particularly for drysuit divers with limited space. Simply hang your drysuit up and turn on the fan, no more stinky wet boots that never dry out!

Scubapro HUD

Yes they may have an all singing and dancing dive computer but do they have a 'Heads Up Display'? Allowing the diver to imagine that they are in fact a top gun pilot, the HUD is actually a genuinely smart piece of kit that projects the key information into the base of the divers eyeline. Designed to fit to any mask, the HUD is a bit of an ultimate divers toy! 


They may have a slate and they may have wetnotes but do they have a scrolling slate? We doubt it! The Aquasketch can live on your wrist like a curved slate but gives you a much larger scrollable writing area. Useful for dive professionals, this is a smart compact solution.

A Full Face Mask

Also known as an Integrated Diving Mask (IDM), the Ocean Reef range of full face masks provides a uniquely different diving experience. Allowing the user to breathe through their nose and have a wider field of vision, full face masks are are fun and with a short training course can be a cool alternative to a traditional mask and regulator set up.

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