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Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit Now Available

Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit Now Available

The Mares XR Kevlar Drysuit is now available at Mike's Dive Store with a full size range for immediate order or fitting in store.

The drysuit is a lightweight front entry style suit made from a flexible and breathable trilaminate material that is finished with protection Kevlar type areas that offer outstanding protection against abrasion damage. The suit is designed for advanced and technical diving and it is suitable for divers just moving into extended diving or those with advanced skills and experience.

 The Mares XR drysuit is packed full of features including a double composite zip that offers far superior flexibility and freedom of movement compared to a brass zip, a warm neck collar, telescopic torso and adjustable crotch strap, two thigh pockets and neoprene boots.

Warm Neck Collar Auto Dump Valve Thigh Pocket Knee Protection Boot

The drysuit is available with a choice of either silicone or latex seals. The latex seals offer a small saving but in our opinion the advantages of the far more comfortable silicone seals that can be replaced in minutes whilst on a diving trip out weigh the minimal saving.

The Kevlar Drysuit forms part of the Mares XR range of advanced and technical diving products that include dedicated regulator set, harness systems, wings and accessories that are necessary for extended range diving.

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