PRODUCT REVIEW: Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit

PRODUCT REVIEW: Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit

Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit - INNER SPACE TECHNOLOGY

Do you need a comforting, warming and cosy undersuit to keep you warm and insulated throughout your diving adventure?

If you’re like me and dive in colder waters, you probably wear a drysuit as it keeps you warmer than a 7mm wetsuit would - Therefore, allowing you to dive for longer. Drysuits alone don’t do the trick for keeping you warm. Yes, they keep you dry, but you need something underneath your suit that provides the extra layer or layers of warmth and protection. That’s where undersuits come in!

So when you’re looking for an undersuit, you want to make sure that it has insulating properties that keep you toasty and warm. You'll need an undersuit that is an excellent quality, comfortable and has exceptional levels of thermal insulation. That's why we're excited to announce the arrival of the BRAND NEW Fourth Element HALO AR Undersuit! Here we'll be taking a look at the specs and discover how it performed when we tested it on a dive. 

Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit: The Specs

The Fourth Element HALO A°R undersuit is known for being the warmest undersuit ever developed as it’s made from the most insulating material that exists: ARGON. This phenomenally warm suit is super streamlined, non-bulky and non-compressible yet maintains flexibility with its all-way stretch fabric and waterproof outer layer. Inside you'll see that it's been lined with warm fleece material. So it's no doubt that this drysuit undersuit will keep you warm throughout your dive.

This undersuit has been optimised for horizontal trim, meaning that it minimises disturbance of sediments on the bottom, and reduces the risk of striking delicate benthic organisms. Also a bonus for tech divers and those that like longer dives, it’s P-valve ready! At the bottom, you'll find foot pockets so there's no need to worry about your undersuit riding up your legs when you're diving.

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HALO A°R Features:

  • ​​A°RGON™ - Extreme performance thermal insulation 
  • Body mapped thermal protection 
  • High performance low bulk
  • Optimised for horizontal trim 
  • P-valve ready 
  • Exceptional warmth 
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • All-way stretch fabric for snug fit
  • Perfect Over a J2 baselayer 
  • Machine washable

Testing the Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit on a Dive

I took the Fourth Element HALO A°R undersuit on my last dive here in the UK. You can see the full video on our Youtube Channel while I’m using the Fourth Element HALO A°R undersuit on my dive. I found diving with the HALO A°R super comforting, cosy and snug. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so warm diving in 10°c waters! The fabric inside felt snug and comfortable, the fit was cosy, snug yet movable. I also didn’t feel restricted in this undersuit as I felt that it was very flexible and freeing. 

When diving with this undersuit, there was no need for extra layers underneath. It definitely did the trick in keeping me warm, without fail, throughout my 45-minute dive. 

We’re Here to Help

Overall, the Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit's quality, look and feel along with how it performed when diving was outstanding. Unsure whether this is the right undersuit for you? If you have any questions about the Fourth Element HALO A°R Undersuit or any of the other undersuits in our range, please email us at where we have a team of scuba diving professionals, here to assist you with questions that you may have. Or if you live locally to London, pop in and see us in-store where you can check out and try on the undersuits for yourself.