Best Drysuits for UK Diving

Best Dry Suits for UK Diving

The primary purpose of a drysuit is to keep water away from your body. While some drysuit materials have better thermal properties than others, your undersuit will do most of the work to avoid you getting cold. However, one is no use without the other. Drysuit valves will let air in or out and this layer of air also contributes to keeping your body warm. Drysuits will equip you for diving year round in UK waters, but what factors come into play when choosing a one? Your budget, the application you will primarily use it for (wreck, cave or technical diving for example) and your shape are just a few considerations. Read our blog about choosing a drysuit and see our 4 favourites below which have been tried and tested in a variety of UK environments.


Fourth Element Hydra Drysuit

This 7mm high density neoprene (HND) suit has been compressed to 4mm, making it close-fitting and flexible. Compressed neoprene has been through a special process where it crushes the air bubbles, reducing buoyancy fluctuations. This is a great dry suit for new divers as the air moving around within it is minimal, eliminating any buoyancy issues.

The Hydra is available in 5 sizes with the options of a short and tall fit and a choice of 3 boot sizes for each suit size. It has been built to last with fused, blind-stitched and taped seams for repeated wear; Durawear print on key areas of the body for added protection; Supratex linings to protect common wear areas in both the crotch and underarms; Plasma seams on torso to protect seams from abrasion commonly caused by equipment.

When purchasing this drysuit from Mike’s Dive Store, add a Xerotherm Plus under-suit set (which includes the top, leggings, socks, vest and bag) and we will only charge you for a standard set of top and leggings (offer available at time of publishing)! The Hydra drysuit is also available for women.


  • Material: High Density Neoprene (HDN)
  • Valves: Apollo Bio-Dry Valves
  • Zip: Rear YKK AQUASEAL® dry plastic zipper


Scubapro Evertech Dry Breathable Drysuit

This is a premium trilaminate drysuit designed for advanced divers and loaded with features. Trilaminate (sometimes referred to as membrane) is a three-layered fabric comprised of a hard-wearing outer layer, a waterproof middle layer and a softer inner layer. This nylon/PU/nylon trilaminate material is both breathable and fast drying. The weave is tight so while perspiration and evaporation can get out, water droplets do not get in.

The Evertech Dry has a front entry telescopic torso which makes this suit a doddle to get in and out of. It also has comfortable semi-rigid boots with a thinner sole, two cargo pockets and double stitched/waterproofed taped seams to add to its solid design. It has the Si-Tech ring system on the wrists and neck, allowing you to easily swap seals out in the event of a tear. They can also be worn with dry gloves.

This suit weighs around the same as a 3mm wetsuit so is perfect for travelling with. Available for men and women.


  • Material: Breathable nylon/PU/nylon trilaminate
  • Valves: Si-Tech
  • Zip: Diagonal front BDM metal dry zipper


Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0 Drysuit

This is a tailor-made heavy-duty trilaminate drysuit that is bespoke for both men and women as either:

Whatever your choice, all the Stealth drysuits are lightweight and flexible. The ripstop nylon/polyester outer shell is abrasion-resistant with Duratex taped seams and a telescopic torso gives superior freedom of movement.

Built to your exact requirements, you can choose your own sock/boot type, preferred seals, pockets, valves and other extras. We are fans of adding spacious thigh pockets which have smaller internal pockets with D-rings and bungee cords inside. There are also small zippered pockets on the outside of the main ones for additional accessories! The Argonaut 2.0 comes in a dry bag with changing mat and neoprene hood.

It requires a scheduled fitting or a BioMap photo.


  • Material: Flexible trilaminate fabric
  • Valves: Your choice of Si-Tech or Apeks Valves
  • Zip: Diagonal front YKK composite zip


Waterproof D10 Pro ISS Drysuit

Waterproof have 25 years of experience testing drysuits in the Arctic and Antarctic. The Waterproof D10 Pro is made from 3.5mm Special Hi-Dense neoprene which is compression resistant. It also has an SD Toughtex lining with excellent insulation properties. The Waterproof attention to detail for cold water diving is evident with the added zipper Chill Guard and Warm Neck and Cuff systems.

The D10 Pro is extremely comfortable as it has anatomical pre-bent arms and legs, a seam-free crotch and Kevlar angled reinforced boots with moulded fin strap anchors.

ISS stands for Integrated Silicone Seals - it has Si-Tech ring systems with exchangeable seals at the wrists and neck that can be swapped out quickly in the field. Mike’s Dive Store stock a range of replacement Waterproof wrist and neck seals. This drysuit also comes designed specifically for women.


  • Material: 100% Microcell CR Neoprene
  • Valves: Si-Tech
  • Zip: Rear zip armoured dry zipper