Scubapro Drysuit and Undersuit Promo

Free Scubapro Undersuit Promo

The perfect dive is just a few clicks away with SCUBAPRO’s new drysuit promotion! You’ve been asking for it, and here it is: when you purchase one of our selected drysuit models –trilaminate or neoprene – we’ll give you an exclusive K2 undergarment for free! Whether you’re a reach-for-the-sky type or leaning toward the minimalist side, this offer has something for every experienced diver.

When you purchase an EVERDRY 4 neoprene model, you can choose from our K2 Light Set - ideal for diving in warmer waters - absolutely free (SRP GBP 124)! Or, if you think hard and heavy dives are more your style, upgrade to one of our trusted trilaminate models - Evertech Dry Breathable - and get yourself a K2 Extreme garment completely complimentary (SRP GBP 335)! Plus, with all these discounts, local diving just became even more wallet-friendly.

Free Scubapro K2 Light Undersuit with Everdry Drysuit

Free Scubapro Undersuit Promo

Buy Scubapro Everdry 4 Neoprene Drysuit for Men or Everdry 4 Neoprene Drysuit for Women and get the same size K2 Light for Free. Valid until 31st July 2023. Purchase your drysuit and undersuit with this special code to access the free undersuit:  06SXFS166Y07

Free Scubapro K2 Extreme Undersuit with Evertech Drysuit

Free Scubapro Undersuit Promo 

Buy Scubapro Evertech Men's or Scubapro Evertech Women's Drysuit and get the same size K2 One Piece Extreme Undersuit free of charge.  Valid until 31st July 2023. Purchase your drysuit and Undersuit with this code to get a free undersuit: Z96V48J98JV2

So go ahead and take the plunge; this limited-time offer won't last long! Get on over to Mikes Dive Store before July 31st to make the most of this generous drysuit promotion. Happy diving!