Revolutionary Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit

Revolutionary Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit

Scuba diving allows us to enter an entirely different world to explore the mysteries that the deep blue has to offer. However, to truly enjoy this underwater world, it is essential to have the right equipment, especially if you are diving in temperate or cold waters. A good drysuit is an indispensable piece of gear for any diver.That's why we're excited to introduce the new Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit, with enhanced design, greater flexibility, and more ways to personalize your dive gear. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the features that make the Argonaut 3.0 so special, and why it might just be the perfect drysuit for your next adventure.


Improved tailoring of the Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit

The Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit is designed to offer unparalleled comfort, performance, and adaptability. Whether you are a recreational or technical diver, this drysuit has everything you need for a safe and comfortable dive. One of the defining features of the Argonaut 3.0 is the Articulated For Trim (AFT) design. This unique leg design allows for greater freedom of movement across the knees and thighs. It enhances your trim and makes horizontal diving easier than ever before. With this feature, you can say goodbye to the discomfort and restriction of older traditional drysuit legs.

The Argonaut 3.0 drysuit is not just built for comfort and style, but also for the extreme conditions of exploration diving, including cave diving. It comes with Duratex panels that reinforce key wear areas such as the shoulders, elbows, knees, and seat, providing you with much-needed durability. The manufacturing process involves flat seams that are taped both inside and out for strength and reliability. Furthermore, Duratex taping is used to protect the outer seams from abrasion, ensuring that your drysuit can withstand even the harshest of diving environments. Lastly, a high-performance PU inner tape is expertly glued and heat sealed, reinforcing the drysuit's resistance to water ingress. This meticulous attention to detail in design and construction is what makes the Argonaut 3.0 perfect for adventure-seeking divers.

Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit


Another notable feature of the Argonaut 3.0 is its telescopic torso. With its improved fit and streamlined silhouette, the suit fits more closely to your body, making it more comfortable to wear and allowing full range of movements. The warm neck collar is also a welcome addition, providing an easy way to tuck away your hood skirt safely and swiftly. These redesigned features ensure that you can focus on the dive, not on your gear.

The Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit has a composite dry zipper that runs from the right shoulder to the left hip. This zipper enhances flexibility and fit, leading to better gas management when dumping air from the shoulder. You can specify the suit with various wrist seals, such as glued-in latex or neoprene wrist seals or Si-Tech User-replaceable silicone (Si-Tech), the Ellipse wrist system, QCP Ultima, or the new intuitive PSI system.

Glued-in HD latex or neoprene • User-replaceable silicone (Si-Tech)
Glued-in HD latex, or neoprene • User-replaceable silicone seals with Ellipse or Ultima system, PSI system or Si-Tech QCP (recommended for larger hands only)
Argonaut 3.0 Advanced Diving Drysuit

One of the notable things about the Argonaut 3.0 drysuit is the Apollo bio-valves, these were a great success in Fourth Element Hydra Drysuits. They allow for gentle squeezing of the inflate lever, even when wearing thick gloves, and does not need to be pressed onto your chest. Additionally, the "non-return" piston ensures that the valve remains dry if you forget to attach your drysuit feed .

Incorporating personal flair into deep-sea explorations, the Argonaut 3.0 drysuit now offers two new hues in the robust and flexible Stealth fabric - Bright Blue, Deep Blue, Black, and Anthracite Grey. Whether you prefer the energetic charm of Bright Blue, the profound allure of Deep Blue, the timeless elegance of Black, or the sophisticated tone of Anthracite Grey, there is an Argonaut 3.0 that perfectly suits your personality and diving needs.. These shades not only make you look good in the water :-), but also offer an avenue for divers to express their personal style. Beyond aesthetic upgrades, the suit now also accommodates options for the newly introduced bio-valves and wrist seal systems. These additions offer further customization, ensuring that each diving experience is as comfortable and efficient as possible tailored to individual requirements. The power to personalize your gear not only enhances functionality but also adds an element of joy to the diving adventure.


Fourth ELement New Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit for diving


Boots: Dryboots or Neoprene Socks – The Choice is Yours

The Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit provides you with the flexibility to choose between dryboots or neoprene socks. If you opt for the dryboots, you'll appreciate their reinforcement at the heel and toes, designed to ensure maximum strength and dexterity. These boots are more than just sturdy; they include an ergonomic footbed designed to maximize your comfort during your dive. To ensure the boots stay secure throughout your underwater adventure, they come with retaining ankle straps and an adjustable hook and loop fastening. This choice between dryboots and neoprene socks allows you to customize your Argonaut 3.0 drysuit further to fit your diving preferences and needs, ensuring each dive is as comfortable as it is thrilling.


The Fourth Element's famous BIOMAP System

The Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit employs the famous BIOMAP system, which is a fundamentally transformative aspect in the world of diving suits. Just as Londoners have their Savile Row for bespoke, quality suits, divers have Fourth Element's BIOMAP system. This system uses a unique and advanced measurement process to create a 3D model of the diver's body. The model is then used to craft a drysuit that is perfectly tailored to the diver's specifications, ensuring a comfortable and streamlined fit. With the BIOMAP system, each Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit is a one-of-a-kind piece, providing unparalleled comfort and performance to divers around the world.

By tailoring the suit according to your individual measurements, the BIOMAP® system ensures that the Argonaut 3.0 drysuit fits you like a second skin, offering unmatched comfort and flexibility. This meticulous attention to detail, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes the Argonaut 3.0 not just a drysuit, but a fundamental part of your diving experience. The BIOMAP® system, a key aspect of Fourth Element's commitment to quality and performance, empowers divers to explore the underwater realm with confidence and ease.

Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit



Our Verdict

In conclusion, the new Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit is a game-changing piece of gear for any diver. The AFT, telescopic torso, composite dry zipper, wrist seals and ring options, and Apollo bio-valve chest inflate valve combine to produce a comfortable, flexible and adaptable drysuit made for underwater exploration. Whether you are an experienced technical diver, recreational diver or just starting your diving journey, you won't regret investing in a Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 drysuit. So, get ready to experience diving like never before!