Christmas Gift Ideas for Warm Water Divers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Warm Water Divers

You want to get a great Christmas gift for someone who loves diving in warm  waters? Look no further than our selection of the top products for tropical divers!

Nautilus Lifeline

The Nautilus Lifeline is an excellent present for divers who enjoy liveaboards and further flung destinations. It's not always an obvious piece of kit so many divers don't own one but the Nautilus is an inexpensive way of ensuring piece of mind in the unlikely event that you get left behind by the diveboat. Waterproof to 130m, all you need to do is keep it about your person and then flip the lid and press the switch to instantly activate a GPS distress beacon that will bring help directly to you....

Thermocline Top

One of the most badly affected diving product lines by the recent pandemic has been neoprene with huge lead times on new styles and missing sizes. The Fourth Element Thermocline range is a clever neoprene alternative, A thermocline full suit for example is roughly as warm as a 3mm wetsuit but weighs less and packs down much more compactly for travel too. There's a whole range available so for occasional Maldives divers, a thermocline top and a set of board shorts maybe all they'll need. The top can also double up under a wetsuit to add an extra layer of warmth too!

Aqualung Mikron Regulator

The name says it all, the Aqualung Mikron is one of the lightest weight and compact regulators on the market. However, it still packs plenty of features including Aqualungs patented MBS system which combines the breathing control and venturi lever into one mechanism (FYI, that's quite cool, if you're a non-diver).

A UV cut mask

If you're going to be diving in lots of bright sunny places, a mask that cuts out HEV light is nice thing to have. There are a number of options on the market now including some with tinted lenses that help bring out the natural colours underwater in tropical conditions:

Apeks Luna Mini

Diving in tropical waters and particularly on liveaboards often means night dives! Every diver should have a decent torch and the Apeks Luna Mini is both powerful as well as being incredibly small and compact. It has a 1000 lumen beam along with 4 power modes giving it an impressively long battery life. On top of that the charging is done through the case meaning it's almost impossible to flood too.

Scubapro Go Fin

Lots of occasional divers don't take fins with them on holiday as they're often long and bulky. The Scubapro Go fins change all that by being very compact and lightweight whilst also suitable for diving and snorkelling. Available in an open heel format, designed to be worn with bare feet, the fin pockets are comfortable with an adjustable bungee strap.

Mares Smart Computer

A great value and simple to use nitrox computer with a user changeable battery. The Mares Smart is the ideal gift for someone always renting gear to ensure that they have the added safety of their own computer to monitor the dive whilst also not breaking the bank!

Suunto Zoop

The Suunto Zoop is probably the worlds most popular entry level diving computer. The real beauty of the Zoop is that as well as having all the basic features required from a diving computer, like all Suunto's, it's also incredibly simple and easy to use.

Suunto D5

The Suunto D5 is probably the best value colour screen, watch style computer on the market. It's a simple to use nitrox computer that features an incredibly crisp and easy to see colour screen. On top of that, it syncs with Suunto's tank POD to provide air integration. For a limited time, we have an exclusive deal on the D5 that offers you a half price tank POD, a Suunto debris bag, a power pack and also a free leather strap (worth £70) that will allow you to smarten up the watch post dive!