How to buy a Christmas present for a diver if you don’t dive yourself

How to buy a Christmas present for a diver if you don’t dive yourself

You probably can't stand the idea of diving, and it sounds claustrophobic and terrifying. Why in the world would you want to descend into a hostile environment (possibly full of sharks) and get the bends for fun? But, you've got that weird friend/family member who doesn't talk about anything else, and this year, you want to show them how much you care by buying them some diving stuff. The only problem is, where do you even start?

The good news is that diving, like many other activities, offers an endless selection of accessories and upgrades, and you are unlikely to meet a diver who 'has everything'. Here's our non-divers guide to shopping for your diving friend!


The expensive version of the inexpensive thing

Your diving friend probably has a mask, but do they have a bling, top-of-the-range mask with treated lenses? If your friend is a fairly recently qualified diver, then they probably ended up with a decent, mid-range mask sold to them during their course. Examples of the kind of mask we're talking about would be: 

Other great examples of top-end versions of less expensive items are the Fourth Element Gloves, which came out earlier this year and put most other dive gloves to shame, the Apeks RK3 fins (flippers to you), now one of the most popular fins in the world simply because of how good they are, and the Reels and Spools.

Expensive version of the inexpensive thing:


A Good, Bright Torch

Most divers will always find it useful to have another torch. A primary and a backup, with the backup being either the smaller or least powerful of the two. Torch technology also improves rapidly, so even a good torch a few years ago has probably been surpassed in battery life and brightness, too, so you're unlikely to go wrong here. Additionally, if your diving friend is into night dives or cave diving, they will definitely appreciate a good quality torch with adjustable brightness settings and long battery life. Some popular brands for dive torches include OrcaTorch, Light & Motion, and Scubapro. Make sure to check the lumens (brightness) and burn time of the torch before making a purchase.

Great torches for presents:


Stuff there’s a good chance they won't have

They almost certainly have a mask, and maybe they have a really expensive one, too… But, do they have a good quality comfortable mask strap made from recycled plastic taken out from the ocean? The Fourth Element Ocean Positive universal mask strap can be a winning option here.

How about a little all in one tool kit that can be kept in a pocket: Mares Smarty Mini Multitool is a super useful item any diver would be pleased to have.

If you care about your friend or family member, which we assume you do, seeing as you're here, then why not get them an emergency marine rescue GPS. The Nautilus lifeline is an all in one system that can be taken under the water and will give you a bit of extra piece of mind that your friend has not been left behind in shark infested waters somewhere!

Finally if you want to get them a really useful bag, then the Apeks phone case drybag is the perfect item to take onto a dive boat and keep your valuables safe whilst still enabling you to use your phone with wet hands. In fact, any little drybag will always find a useful home with a Scuba Diver!

Great stuff that divers won't have:


Some Cool and Comfortable Dive Attire

As the temperature drops, gifting your diving friend a warm and cozy hoodie could be a thoughtful gesture. Consider the Dive Forever Hoodie, a popular choice among divers for its comfort and unique style. This hoodie is not just a great post-dive wear, but also a casual piece that speaks of their passion for the underwater world.

For those planning to dive in warmer destinations, the Dive Forever T-Shirt is a not-too-expensive Christmas gift that will always come in handy. Light and breathable, this t-shirt is ideal for tropical climates and is designed with a contemporary style that resonates with the adventurous spirit of divers.

If you're looking for a versatile gift, the Fourth Element Tidal Robe is a fantastic choice. It's perfect for use at home, on a dive trip, or during other water sports like kitesurfing and paddle boarding. This robe isn't just about comfort and warmth, it also boasts a stylish design and high-quality material, making it a valuable addition to any diver's wardrobe.

A good bolt snap such as Mares XR Bolt Snaps is always handy - whether for scuba diving application or just as a fashionable key ring, it is a very effective and practical gift for a scuba diving companion.

Cool Comfortable Attire:


A Wetsuit, Skinsuit or Rash Vest

Supply chain issues have become a significant concern worldwide, and the diving industry is not exempt, particularly when it comes to neoprene. The next few months might see a significant shortage of this essential material. Therefore, if your loved one is considering investing in a new suit, there's no better time than now! The Waterproof 1mm Neoskin for both men and women are excellent, inexpensive wetsuit option for travelling divers. Furthermore, the Waterproof 2.5mm W30 wetsuits make a fantastic gift, thanks to their super versatility. And let's not forget the humble yet high-quality rash vest, guaranteed to bring a smile to every diving enthusiast's face.

Great wetsuit and rash vest options as presents:


And there we have it - our rundown of some suggestions to leave your loved one astounded and amazed on Christmas morning, with gifts that speak to their passion for diving. Each of these gifts, from the practical mask strap and multitool to the stylish and comfortable dive attire and essential wetsuits, has been handpicked for its quality and usefulness to a scuba diver. These thoughtful presents are sure to earn you major brownie points, potentially even enough to get you out of washing-up duty! So go ahead, make a diver's Christmas special, and remember, it's not all about the big, expensive gifts. How about a little all-in-one tool kit that can be kept in a pocket? Mares Smarty Mini Multitool is a super useful item any diver would be pleased to have.