Scubapro Dive Computers Comparison

Scubapro Dive Computers Comparison

Scubapro is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality and reliable dive computers. The company's history in producing state-of-the-art scuba diving instruments dates back to 1990, when it acquired UWATEC. Nowadays, Scubapro offers an extensive range of dive computers, from streamlined watch-style devices to full-sized wrist-mounted computers and hose-integrated console units. All Scubapro dive computers are designed and tested to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring accuracy and reliability for divers of all levels.

Scubapro dive computers come equipped with many features, such as multi-gas capabilities, deep-stop options, and user-friendly interfaces, making the diving experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. One of the standout features of Scubapro dive computers is their user-friendly interface, making it easier for divers to understand their dive. Scubapro dive computers can monitor a wide variety of gas mixtures and biometrics, providing a genuinely accurate and user friendly decompression info on a well organised display. Scubapro has been at the forefront of crafting innovative dive computers since 1987, and their continuous technology advancements are a testament to their commitment to help divers make the most of their dive experiences.

Standing out from the crowd with Scubapro's Human Factor Diving

Scubapro Dive Computers take safety and enjoyment to the next level by uniquely factoring in your breathing rate, heart rate, and skin temperature into your decompression calculations. This personalized approach to monitoring your dive significantly enhances safety and enjoyment. Heart rate measurements are facilitated by a lightweight, waterproof ECG (electrocardiogram) transmitter, which is conveniently clipped onto the elastic belt. This belt is worn strapped around the chest, and the transmitter sits directly against the skin. By incorporating heart rate and skin temperature into decompression calculations, diving becomes a safer and more enjoyable experience. Read further our comparison chart, which dive computer offers Scubapro Human Factor Diving. 

Scubapro Human Factor Diving

Harnessing Biometrics for a Safer Dive: Heart Rate and Skin Temperature Monitoring

Scubapro Dive Computers pair with the Scubapro Heart Rate Monitor offers a real-time assessment of your workload. Simultaneously, the dive computer integrates this heart rate data into its workload computations, adjusting its algorithm to ensure a safer dive. On a less critical yet equally beneficial note, the heart rate monitor enables you to focus on enhancing your endurance training. This transforms your diving hobby into an opportunity for fitness growth.

The Skin Temperature Monitor, a patent-pending feature, provides another critical physiological aspect that factors into the workload algorithm. Extreme cold can significantly affect a diver's ability to off-gas nitrogen. By monitoring skin temperature, the algorithm can update its decompression calculations, allowing for a significantly improved diving experience. These innovative features by Scubapro are pioneering steps towards making scuba diving more enjoyable and safer. Check out our Scubapro dive computers comparison chart below to discover which dive computers offer Heart Rate Monitor integration,


Scubapro Computers Comparison - Heart Rate Monitor

Scubapro Beginners Dive Computers

Scubapro also offers dive computers for beginners, such as the entry-level Scubapro Aladin SPORT Matrix or Scubapro Luna 2.0 without air integration. These simple yet reliable computers provides all the necessary information in a user-friendly layout, perfect for new divers. With features like two-button operation and a compact design, this dive computers are easy to use and ideal for those just starting their diving adventures. Check out the Scubapro dive computers comparison chart to see which dive computers are great for beginner recreational diver.


Aladin Matrix Sport Dive Computer

Scubapro Advanced Dive Computers: Mastering Extended Range Diving

Scubapro's advanced dive computers cater to enthusiasts seeking more than recreational diving. For those who wish to dive deeper than the no-decompression limits of 40 meters but are still deciding whether to plunge into the realm of technical diving, Extended Range Diving fills this gap perfectly. Extended Range Diving, a term popular across various diving organizations such as BSAC, PADI, TDI or SSI, is designed to elevate your skills beyond the typical open water depths, and this is where dive computers with gas-switching capabilities prove to be a remarkable investment for divers. These advanced devices such as Scubapro Luna 2.0 Air Integrated enable divers to switch between different gas mixtures during a dive, making them an excellent choice for scuba divers interested in progressing toward more advanced extended-range diving. With a gas switch feature, recreational divers have the flexibility to explore deeper realms without needing to purchase another dive computer. This is not only a cost-effective solution but also ensures that divers can continue to utilize a device they are comfortable and experienced with. Thus, Scubapro's gas-switching capable dive computers offer a seamless transition from recreational to advanced diving, making them a worthy addition to any diver's gear.


Scubapro Advanced Dive Computer Comparison

Scubapro Luna 2.0 Dive Computer  |   Scubapro Luna 2.0 Air Integrated 

Scubapro Tek Dive Computers: High-Tech Solutions for Advanced Divers

For those divers eager to venture into the realm of technical diving, Scubapro offers a range of Tek Dive Computers . These high-tech devices have seen a significant expansion in selection over the past decade, reflecting the advancements in diving technology. However, don't let the term "high-tech" intimidate you. These advanced devices are designed to serve experienced trimix divers and beginners, offering precision, versatility, and enhanced safety. So, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced diver, a Scubapro Tek Dive Computer can be a valuable addition to your toolkit. Their superior features and adaptability make them a worthy investment, no matter your skill level, enhancing your diving experience and safety.

In the arena of diving technology, Scubapro Dive Computers that are paired with Air Integration and a Heart Rate Monitor stand peerless at the zenith. Dive Computers such as Scubapro Galileo G2 designed to offer the most advanced readings and decompression factoring in the entire Rec Tec diving industry. This feat is yet to be matched by any other dive computer manufacturer. They render unprecedented data collection and calculation, monitoring your physiological parameters and dive data to provide real-time, personalized decompression calculations. The reliability of Scubapro's decompression factoring is unchallenged, making it the most trustworthy tool available to the wider scuba diving public today. This combination of technology and innovation underlines Scubapro's commitment to enhancing safety and enjoyment for every diver, from novices to veterans.

Scubapro G2 Dive Computer Comparison


 Scubapro's Dive Computers Comparison Chart


Aladin Sport Matrix

Scubapro Aladin A2

Scubapro Luna 2

and Luna 2 AI

Scubapro Galileo G3

Scubapro Galileo G2 and G2 TEK

Diving Focus

Beginner and Advanced Diver


Advanced to CCR

Beginners and Advanced Divers

Lifestyle Beginner to CCR

Wrist mounted

TEC CCR Focused


Mono Segment

Mono XL Dot Matrix Display

Mono high-contrast display screen and bright LCD/LED

High-contrast full-colour

Full-Color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) 2.2in/5.6cm LCD display screen (320x240p) produces vibrant colours

Dive Modes

Scuba, Freediving and Gauge

Scuba, Gauge, Apnea, Trimix, Sidemount, CCR

Scuba, Gauge & Apnea

Scuba, Gauge & Apnea. In Scuba mode, four settings are available: Trimix, CCR, Sidemount & PMG

Scuba, Freediving, Gauge, CCR and Sidemount with GRADIENT FACTORS



Gas Transmitter

Human Factor Diving: Optional Heart Rate Monitor and skin Temperature Readings

Only Luna 2.0 AI

Gas Transmitter

Human Factor Diving: Optional Heart Rate Monitor and skin Temperature Readings

Gas Transmitter

Human Factor Diving: Optional Heart Rate Monitor and Skin Temperature Readings

Gas Transmitter

Human Factor Diving: Optional Heart Rate Monitor and Skin Temperature Readings

Gas Compatibility

21-100% Nitrox

21-100% Nitrox, Trimix

21-100% Nitrox

21-100% Nitrox, Trimix


Gas switching

YES - 3 gases

YES – 8 Gases

YES – 3 Gases

YES – 8 gases

YES – 8 gases

Air Integration



Only on Luna 2.0 AI) Air Integrated)

Pair up to 8 nitrox/trimix tanks (PMG) plus a diluent tank in CCR

Pair up to 11 transmitters





3D digital tilt-compensated compass

Full tilt digital compass


Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL 16 ADT M


2 Algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Buhlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB or ZH-L16+GF (Gradient Factor).

Predictive Multi-Gas Bühlmann ZHL-16 ADT MB PMG or ZHL-16 GF (Gradient Factors)

Pure Gradient Factor algorithm (ZH-L 16 GF)


BlueTooth, USB

Android App

Mac App

Bluetooth® Low Energy Interface


Bluetooth® Low Energy Interface


Bluetooth® Low Energy Interface


Bluetooth® Low Energy Interface


Battery Type and Estimated Battery Life

R2450 user-replaceable battery rated up to 2 years/300 dives

Service Replaceable

3-5 Years / 300-500 Dives

User-changeable Battery: CR2450 battery is rated for up to 2 years/300 dives.

Rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 30 hours per charge

Rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of dive time per charge

Maximum Operating Depth

120 meters

120 meters

 120 meters

300 meters

120 meters

Scubapro LogTRAK App for modern-day scuba diver

LogTRAK is Scubapro's proprietary software that allows seamless communication between your SCUBAPRO computer and a computer running either Windows or MacOS. It makes use of the cutting-edge BLUETOOTH® low energy wireless technology for Scubapro dive computers, facilitating the efficient storage and analysis of dive logs. The software is divided into three main views, each catering to a specific element of your dive log. 


Scubapro Computer Comparison


The Profile view provides a graphical representation of your dive data, offering a visual understanding of the dive's progression. The Details view provides an in-depth breakdown of the dive data, which can be edited according to your needs. This is particularly useful for adding specific data, such as equipment and tank information. The Location view, on the other hand, gives you a global perspective, pinpointing your exact dive site on a world map, allowing you to keep a comprehensive record of all your dive locations. Through Scubapro's LogTRAK, managing and evaluating your dive experiences has never been easier.

Scubapro LogTRAK Computer Comparison

In summary, Scubapro offers a wide range of dive computers tailored to different levels of divers. For beginners, the Aladin Sport Matrix or Scubapro Luna 2.0 offer an easy-to-use, entry-level dive computer with a user-friendly design. For those wishing to delve deeper and beyond recreational diving, Scubapro provides advanced dive computers that support gas-switching and extended-range diving, offering both flexibility and cost-efficiency, such as Scubapro Luna 2.0 AI (Air Integrated). For the tech-savvy divers, the Tek Dive Computers such as Sucbapro G2 or Scubapro Galileo G3 deliver high-tech solutions with precision, versatility, and enhanced safety, catering to experienced and beginner trimix divers. Furthermore, most Scubapro dive computers can be paired with Air Integration and a Heart Rate Monitor for advanced readings and decompression calculations. Lastly, the LogTRAK App enhances dive data management and evaluation, providing an efficient tool for storing and analysing dive logs. Overall, Scubapro's line of dive computers stands peerless in the diving technology industry, demonstrating a strong commitment to safety, enjoyment, and adaptability for all divers.