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Shearwater Dive Computers Comparison

Shearwater Dive Computers Comparison

It may be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing which Shearwater Computer is the right for... Read More
by Przemyslaw Tarko 29/07/22
Shearwater Teric Bronze Journey | Mike's Dive Store

The New Bronze Teric - what is your Journey!

When the new Shearwater Teric was released in May 2018, it immediately became a sensation setting... Read More
by Przemyslaw Tarko 27/01/22
Dive Computer Size Comparison

Dive Computer Size Comparison

We are commonly asked how dive computers differ in size so we thought we'd put together a short v...
by Alex Griffin 09/07/21
How Does Air Integration Work?

How Does Air Integration Work?

 Wireless air integration has been around for some time now but has become more popular than ever...
by Cath Bates 06/07/21
Dive Forever Logo Design Competition

Logo Design Competition!

Help us design our new logo and win a Scubapro A2 Computer worth £765! To celebrate our new missi...
by Alex Griffin 20/01/21
New Suunto Software update

New Suunto Software update

We are very pleased to announce that Suunto have finally launched the long awaited software updat...
by Alex Griffin 18/01/21
The New Garmin Descent Mk2

The New Garmin Descent Mk2 Series Dive Computers

The long-awaited advanced watch-style dive computer, the Garmin Descent Mk2 is here, and it is a ... Read More
by Przemyslaw Tarko 21/10/20