Fourth Element Biomap for Argonaut Dry Suits

Fourth Element Biomap for Argonaut Dry Suits
Fourth Element BIOMAP

The world first BIOMAP system from Fourth Element is a photo imaging system developed to interpret photos of the diver in order to take accurate measurements of their body, to produce an Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit. The BIOMAP system enables accurate prediction of the correct standard size, or creates a bespoke pattern for a made to measure suit.

The BIOMAP system has been developed to enable measurements to be taken accurately in store or at dive events, and submitted automatically with a full specification for a drysuit via their online system.

BIOMAP.3D uses full body scanning to create a 3D model of your body from which hundreds of accurate measurements can be taken before determining what size suit you need, or, if made to measure is required, to create a unique pattern for your suit. This is the system Fourth Element use at dive events such as shows.

Fourth Element Biomap for Argonaut Drysuits uses two photos to create an accurate set of measurements enabling a suit to be ordered in a dive store with nothing more than a camera, and a computer connected to the internet. This is the system we use in store so contact us to organise a test fitting of the Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit...