Best Fins for UK Diving

Best Fins for UK Diving

As a new diver you learn to flutter kick which is an up and down motion. Propulsion is effective and most fin styles lend themselves to this, including split and hinge fins. However, you will soon advance to the frog kick and scissor kick which are more energy efficient, particularly in a drysuit. Paddle and channel blade fins work well with this cruising method. Back finning is adopted by both technical divers and photographers. High-sided fins with shorter blades are more effective for these techniques because you can avoid kicking up sand or silt or disturbing marine life.

Diving in cold water generally lends itself to a heavier fin as they offset the buoyancy of your exposure suit. They also contribute to stability in the water and buoyancy control. Of course, open heel fins are a necessity in order to be worn with thick neoprene booties or drysuit boots. See our list below of the top 5 fins for UK diving.



Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

The Avanti Quattro just goes on and on!  A firm favourite of diving professionals for over 20 years, they are sturdy, reliable fins suitable for a multitude of diving applications.

The Plus fins are much lighter than the original and have bungee straps as an additional feature. They maintain the rugged details of the original however, such as Channel Thrust Technology. The four channels and rigid blade move a greater amount of water when kicking, which results in more thrust for the same effort. There are also 3 new colour options for high visibility.


  • Fin Type: Channel blade fin
  • Colours: White, Flame, Lime, Blue, Yellow, Black
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber-Tecralene®


Apeks RK3 and RK3 HD

The RK3 is based on one of the first vented rubber fins sold in North America called the Rocket. They were originally designed in collaboration with the US military. This rugged fin has an over-sized foot pocket to accommodate drysuit boots and a spring strap for easy donning and doffing.

The vented design eliminates vortexes that can occur along the back of the blade. This means there is less resistance on the upstroke and enhanced thrust on the downstroke. A short wide blade provides great manoeuvrability. The purpose of the hole on the front of the fin is so they can be attached to your gear with a boltsnap on difficult shore entries.

The RK3 is a popular fin amongst drysuited technical divers. The Apeks RK3 HD is a heavier duty version of the standard RK3 which makes them stiffer and weightier for divers that prefer more negative buoyancy in their fins.


  • Fin Type: Paddle blade fin
  • Colours: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Black (HD), Grey (HD), Orange (HD)
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber


Scubapro Jet Fin

The Jet Fin is almost 60 years old and firm favourites of technical, commercial and military divers. These durable fins will last for your entire diving career! Featuring a proven vented design that decreases drag on the up stroke and enhances thrust on the down stroke, the Jet Fin delivers just the right amount of power and manoeuvrability for the job at hand. The short blade is ideal for wreck and cave diving. At Mike’s we sell the classic black fin as standard with stainless steel bungee spring strap and nylon webbing for easy donning and doffing.


  • Fin Type: Paddle blade fin
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Monoprene


Hollis F1 Fins

Constructed from high grade, heavy-duty rubber, the Hollis F1 is another product popular with technical divers. Hollis has found a great blend with graceful movement, power and bulletproof construction. The shape of these fins has given them the nickname the ‘Bat Fin’.

The F1 has multiple strap mounting positions for a fine-tuned fit and angled strap mounts for comfort and a better transition of power. There is a handy thumb loop for pulling easily over your heel. The vented blade design reduces stress and drag when kicking. The F1 Yellow Tip is a great option for diving in low visibility.

These fins weigh 3.5kg a pair so if you are looking for a similar design that will double up for travel, we recommend the Hollis F1 LT.


  • Fin Type: Paddle blade fin
  • Colours: Black, Grey (LT)
  • Material: Monoprene


Scubapro Seawing Nova 2 Fins

The revised blade geometry of these paddle fins provides effective forward thrust like a standard blade fin, while the articulated hinge (below the foot pocket) gives you the power and comfort of a split fin. This cleverly alters the blade angle to maximise thrust but reduces the stress and strain through the ankle.

This fin is both easy to manoeuvre and adapts to a variety of kicking styles. The new improved grip both on the inside and out of the fin pocket, makes the Nova 2 more secure on your feet and better at keeping you stable on slippery surfaces.


  • Fin Type: Hinge/Pivot fin
  • Colours: Black, Turquoise, Blue, Pink Purple, White
  • Material: Monprene