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Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins

Size Guide
Scubapro Fin Size Chart

Sizing for Seawing Nova Gorilla, Nova2, Twin Jet, Twin Jet Max & Jet Sport Fins

Use this size guide to choose the best size for your Scubapro Fins. Please contact us if you require any further assistance / advice.

EU US M US W UK 3MM 5MM Dry/Heavy duty
37 5 6 4 XS** XS** S
38 6 7 5 S S S
39-40 6 7 5 S S M
41 8 9 7 S M M
42 9 10 8 M M L
43-44 10 11 9 M L L
45 11 12 10 L L XL
46 12 13 11 L L XL
47 13 14 12 L XL XL

Please note: The Jet fins size one to two sizes smaller. If you need an Medium in any other scuba pro fin you will require a Large or XL Jet Fin

**XS is available for Jet Sport adjustable only

This chart is intended to act only as a guide, we recommend that all fins be tried on to ensure a perfect fit.


Colour / Size
Black / Small 3 In Stock
Black / Medium 2 In Stock
Black / Large 3-4 business days until dispatch
Black / Extra Large 2 In Stock
Blue / Small 1 In Stock
Blue / Medium 2 In Stock
Blue / Large 2 In Stock
Blue / Extra Large 1 In Stock
Pink / Small 1 In Stock
Pink / Medium 1 In Stock
Purple / Small 1 In Stock
Purple / Medium 2 In Stock
Purple / Large 2 In Stock
Purple / Extra Large 2 In Stock
White / Small 1 In Stock
White / Medium 1 In Stock
White / Large 3 In Stock
White / Extra Large 1 In Stock
Yellow / Small 1 In Stock
Yellow / Medium 2 In Stock
Yellow / Large 2 In Stock
Yellow / Extra Large 1 In Stock

We didn't think it was possible, but Scubapro's ever popular Seawing Nova fins have now been made even better!

These revolutionary Fins cost an estimated $300 000 in Research and development - the Seawing Nova has been designed to create the same kind of lift and forward thrust as an airplane wing.

The Seawing Nova has combined the acceleration, power and manoeuvrability of a paddle fin with the efficiency, comfort and effortless speed of split fins, making them one of the most innovative and advanced technology fins on the market.

With new improved grip both on the inside and out of the fin pocket, the Nova's are more secure on your feet and better at keeping you stable on slippery surfaces. Revised blade geometry and increased lateral rigidity means Frog-Kicks and other alternate finning techniques have been improved.

  • The articulated joint allows the blade to pivot and the entire blade is able to generate thrust. Pivot control technology ensures the most efficient angle of attack is maintained no matter how hard or softly you kick, generating thrust without drag or wasted energy.
  • Clean water blade geometry for optimum propulsion. Water is free to flow onto the working section of the blade, drag is reduced and thrust increased.
  • Variable pivot control ribs insures that the most efficient angle of attack is maintained across all strengths of kick.
  • Ergonomic foot pocket with extended heel plate insuring ultimate power transmission with less leg strain.
  • Durable Monprene® construction making the Seawing Nova virtually indestructible.
  • Wing tips arc upwards, increasing high-speed stability.
  • Marine quality bungee heel strap with custom adjustment system for total comfort and convenience.
 EU UK 3mm Boot 5mm Boot Dry / Heavy
37 4 XS XS S
38 5 S S S
39/40 6 S S M
41 7 S M M
42 8 M M L
43/44 9 M L L
45 10 L L XL
46 11 L L XL
47 12 L XL XL



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