XDeep Wing, Harness and Backplate System

X Deep Dive Wings Systems

XDeep is a company that specializes in creating high-quality diving equipment for both technical and recreational diving. They focus on wing systems, using only the best materials and manufacturing techniques available. Their goal is to create products that are versatile and innovative, setting new industry standards. XDeep is passionate about the underwater world and their dedication is evident in everything they do. Mike's Dive Store is happy to announce that we are now restocking selected lines of XDeep Wing Systems.

Why do we like XDeep Wing Systems?

Did you know that Poland is a country that makes some of the best diving equipment in the world? Polish diving enthusiasts can explore the depths of the Baltic Sea, WW2 wrecks, deep quarries, mines, and mystical lakes, which require the best type of equipment designed for such challenging places. XDeep is a brand that started as a small company in Europe, producing only reels, and has now become a well-known name in the scuba diving community worldwide. XDeep improves the diving experience through innovative design and superior quality, setting new recreational and technical diving standards. The brand's dedication to research, development, and rigorous testing is genuinely inspiring. The XDeep Stealth Sidemount BCD is one of the most popular side mount rigs used by many top cave divers worldwide; it is a product of two people - an explorer, Patric Widmann, and a businessman diver, Piotr Czernik. Currently, XDeep produces a full range of innovative diving equipment, including buoyancy compensators, SEAL Drysuits and KISS rebreathers. So what we love about XDeep is its combination of high-quality materials, practical yet contemporary design, and lower price point than all leading competitors.

XDeep Frameless Radical Dive Mask

It starts with a Radical Dive Mask. A superbly soft inner skirt molds itself to your face, achieving a close and comfortable fit. XDeep have achieved this incredible fit through completely rethinking and redefining the shape of a traditional mask and using advanced modeling technologies to turn our ideas into reality.

XDeep designed and tested advanced dive masks using 3D printing and feedback from hundreds of divers with different face shapes and sizes. The masks are made with the softest silicone ever used in a dive mask, providing excellent comfort and performance. This process addressed the weak points of current dive masks, resulting in an improved product.

XDeep Frameless Radical Dive Mask

XDeep for Recreational Diving

The XDeep NX Ghost has significant advantages. Low drag reduces the effort needed to move through the water. The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure. The XDeep designed GHOST to be completely streamlined, staying tight to the diver's body and cylinder. Effort is reduced, and enjoyment of the dive is enhanced. The NX Ghost wing will help you stay horizontally in the water, which is important for gas consumption, and team awareness. Plus, it looks really cool! Even on recreational scuba dives, it is beneficial using a wing style BC. The GHOST has been designed to make diving in perfect trim easy and effortless with its optimized geometry.

XDeep Ghost Dive System



The XDeep NX ZEN  is a buoyancy control device (BCD) specifically designed for divers seeking a serene and balanced experience underwater. It has been crafted from advanced materials, cutting-edge design principles, and innovative engineering techniques to ensure the utmost stability and comfort. The XDeep NX ZEN's ergonomic design ensures that every component is strategically placed for the diver's utmost comfort, enhancing the overall underwater experience. Its streamlined silhouette not only reduces drag but also significantly improves manoeuvrability, allowing divers to explore the underwater world more freely and with greater ease. This careful attention to both comfort and efficiency underscores XDeep's commitment to providing superior-quality equipment.XDeep NX Zen Dive Wing System



The XDeep ZEOS is a new type of BCD that has been designed with precision engineering to enhance the diver's stability underwater. It achieves a perfectly balanced configuration by matching the center of gravity of the gas in the cylinder with the center of buoyancy in the ZEOS. This results in better gas consumption and buoyancy control, making it easier for divers to fin and freeing them from the awkward 'sea horse' position that traditional BCDs often force. The ZEOS showcases xDeep's commitment to improving diver experience through innovation.

X Deep Zos Dive Wing System 

XDeep Modular Wing System

The modular weight system incorporated into the XDeep NX series is a game-changer for divers seeking the ultimate in comfort and versatility. By allowing divers to adjust their weight distribution according to the specific requirements of each dive, the system offers unprecedented control and personalization. Whether you're floating in the warm, buoyant waters of a tropical paradise or descending into the cold, dense waters of a northern lake, the ability to precisely configure your weight ensures optimal buoyancy and stability.

This level of customization eliminates the need for a traditional weight belt, providing a more streamlined and comfortable experience. With the NX series' modular weight system, you can easily select and adjust the pockets to carry exactly the weight you need, where you need it, enhancing your connection to the aquatic environment and making each dive as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

XDeep Wing Harness Backplate System