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XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System - Black

XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System - Black


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  • XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System

    XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System - take your diving to the next level

    The XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System buoyancy control device is crafted with a focus on technical design, rigorous testing, and continual refinement. By aligning the center of gravity of the gas cylinder with the center of buoyancy of the ZEOS, this BCD achieves an expertly balanced trim that enhances diver stability. The result is improved gas consumption, better buoyancy control, and effortless finning. The ZEOS also eliminates the need for divers to assume awkward positions, such as the sea horse position, which is often required with traditional BCDs.

    XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System

    XDeep Zeos 28 aids correct position on the surface and underwater

    The diving equipment features a design that ensures the user's optimal comfort and safety while diving. At the start and end of each dive, the ZEOS keeps the user high out of the water, with most of the wing staying underwater to use more of the buoyancy. This feature provides extra lift to keep the head and shoulders clear of the waves, ensuring a comfortable waiting period for the user's pick-up. Moreover, the ZEOS features a precise geometry that makes it easy for users to achieve perfect trim underwater, thereby eliminating trade-offs. The ZEOS's unparalleled design ensures a comfortable, safe, and seamless diving experience.

    XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System

    XDeep 3D mesh padding for extra comfort

    XDeep 3D Mesh is constructed with a unique microfiber structure that adapts to your body shape for optimal fit and comfort. The 3D Mesh design ensures that your equipment remains stable and doesn't move around during the dive. Unlike other designs, the XDeep 3D Mesh maintains its buoyancy characteristics at all depths, eliminating the need for extra weight. This feature not only reduces the overall weight of your equipment but also makes it less cumbersome, allowing for a more streamlined and comfortable diving experience.

    XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System - Padding


    XDeep modular weight system

    The NX series features a modular weight system that eliminates the need for a traditional weight belt. This system allows for a customized weight distribution based on the type of diving being performed. Whether you require just a few kilos in warm water or additional lead for cold water dives, you can select the pockets that best meet your needs.

    XDeep Zeos 28 Wing System
    XDeep Zen 28 Wing System


    SKU: XD-ST-Z28-D1-BLK
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