Suunto Eon Core and Tank Pod Bundle

Suunto Eon Core and Tank Pod Bundle


Suunto has a simple but noble heritage, and most divers, including myself, used Suunto as their primary or backup dive computer at some point in my diving career. By simple, I mean it started as a compass manufacturing outlet. While the compass is not a highly sophisticated tool, it is crucial in exploration - and the founding father of Suunto was an avid adventurer who often explored the northern Finnish wilderness even in winter. For Tuomas Vohlonen - that was his name - an excellent reliable, accurate tool might have been the difference between life and death. Soon after the release of Suunto's first compass - the M34 model - the Finnish Army endorsed the liquid-filled compass with a steady needle as their second most crucial survival tool, right after the famous Puuko wilderness knife. Quickly, the brand Suunto became synonymous with accuracy and reliability, and the first Suunto dive computer - the Suunto SME-ML - was introduced to a broader audience back in 1987. Since then, Suunto has released several iconic dive computers, which were at the forefront of the latest diving technology - Suunto Mosquito, Suunto Vytec and Suunto Zoop are just a few names associated with many happy diving scuba adventures.

Nowadays, Suunto produces dive computers for divers of all levels, from Suunto Zoop, suitable for all recreational diving, to Suunto EON and Suunto EON Steel, aimed at technical divers. The latter units feature the latest technology, such as a built-in compass, wireless integrations, rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connection technology. If you are still determining which Suunto dive computer bundle is for you, you can check out Suunto Dive Computers Comparison Chart for reference. 

Suunto Eon Core and Suunto POD - the ultimate bundle

The benefits of having a tank pressure displayed on your computer are a few, and they are essential. First, you have your pressure reading right on your wrist, which saves you time compared to reaching for your analogue gauge - this may come in handy if your task loading is increased, such as using photo video equipment during diving. You can check your pressure while holding your camera and aiming at a subject in front of you. With just a tiny flick of a wrist, you have all the pressure data at your leisure. Secondly, your Suunto Tank POD linked with your EON Core gives you on-the-go remaining dive time based on your gas consumption - an extremely useful function in executing your dive safely and enjoying every single dive to the fullest. 

Suunto Eon Core and Tank Pod Bundle

These are a few advantages of having the Suunto EON Core and Tank Pod Bundle:

  • Accurate gas pressure reading
  • Remaining gas time
  • Clear colour coding indicating a gas level
  • Low in gas warning so that you will have enough time for a safe ascend
  • Setting your gas alarms for the best gas available and switching times

Suunto EON Core - the best value-for-money bundle on the market

Why not purchase your dive computer with a dedicated transmitter in a bundle? Luckily, from time to time, Suunto runs a special promotion where you can save £££ on buying Suunto EON Core in a bundle with Suunto Tank Pod. In this case, the best way is to sign up for our newsletter, as we let everyone know as soon as any promotions are available to our customers. Below you will find Dive Computer and Transmitter Bundles Comparison as of January 2023. Now on limited offer with the Suunto Tank Pod in the incredible EON Core Bundle offer, and this is the best buy at this price range compared with any other brand - Shearwater, Mares, Apeks, Scubapro or Aqualung.

Price - £699
Price - £799
Price - 1,299
Price- 1,055
Price - £1,499.99
Price correct for January 2023

Suunto EON Core Dive Computer - comfortable and compact

Suunto EON Core was Suunto's response to a growing number of advanced and technical divers. When I started technical diving, I used Suunto Vytec for extended-range diving. Still, I soon discovered that I needed a more advanced computer to calculate decompression on mixes other than air and nitrox. Suunto EON Core is a fully loaded technical diving computer for open and closed-circuit technical diving. In other words, if you buy this computer early in your carrier, this unit will grow with you up to trimix level - one incredible tool for your scuba diving calculations from open water diver to closed circuit trimix diver - Suunto EON Core does it all.

Suunto Eon Core and Tank Pod Bundle

Some of the EON Core & Tank Pod Bundle features: 

  • Rated down to 80 meters
  • Suitable for a recreational, advanced and technical diver
  • Wireless Mobile Connection via Bluetooth technology
  • Digital tilt-compensated 3D compass
  • Wireless cylinder pressure integration with up to 20 tank pods
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Customisable front screen with high-resolution TFT

Benefits of the Suunto EON Core's Built-in Compass

Underwater navigation is one of the best skills you can learn during your open water diver course. A humble compass is a tool I find super valuable in modern dive computers. There is almost a great satisfaction each time my students find their way to the shot line in low visibility or a night dive. Of course this is partly because of their excellent navigational skills but having the right tool on your wrist plays a major factor in correct navigation. With the new Suunto EON Core, you do not need your alternative analogue compass, as the EON Core has a fantastic tilt-compensated 3D compass for underwater navigation. Its ultra-sharp and bright LCD screen make it easy to use even in low-light conditions. All are now available in the unique EON Core Bundle offer.

 Suunto Eon Core Bundle with Compass

Suunto Tank POD - Suunto's latest wireless transmitter

The Suunto EON Core Bundle comes with a dedicated Suunto Tank Pod so you can keep your analogue gauge tugged behind safely as a backup. Your Suunto EON Core will display your gas pressure and remaining gas time and show you low gas warnings in colour coded information. That's not all! You can plug up to 20 Tank Pods into a single Suunto Eon Core - particularly suitable if you are running a Team bailout or sharing tanks with your buddy team on an extended range or closed circuit expedition diving. The Suunto Tank POD is a wireless tank pressure transmitter for the Suunto EON Steel BlackEON CoreD5 BlackD5 Steel and D5 Copper dive computers that allows you to view current tank pressure with just a glance at your wrist.

The robust digital communications technology improves stability and features like multiple tank pressure readings. The reworked pairing procedure is intuitive; pressurise the system and hold your dive computer close to the Tank POD. After a few seconds, a menu on the screen shows the serial number, battery status and tank pressure—super easy on-the-go pairing without any issues. 


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