Apeks DSX - First Dive Computer from Apeks

Apeks DSX - First Dive Computer from Apeks



Apeks is a well-known dive manufacturer producing high-quality recreational and technical diving equipment. From Apeks XTX200 regulator, Apeks Wing system, Apeks Reels or the latest Apeks RK3 Jet Fins - Apeks products are top-rated options in our Showroom and online store. Today Apeks is setting another milestone in the company's history with the release of an advanced, wrist-mounted, air-integrated dive computer for advanced open and closed-circuit divers.  

Apeks DSX Dive Computer with Air Integration

Design and Display of the new Apeks DSX Dive Computer

The new Apeks DSX Dive Computer comes in a weight-saving ultralight titanium bezel with a three-button interface left, middle, and right. Pressing different combinations of these buttons will navigate through different menus and options of the DSX. The first thing that attracts attention is the excellent size of the screen. The Apeks DSX Screen is a colour LCD screen with a generous 2.5-inch display diameter with diving info organised in super readable top-to-down information. Starting from the top line section, you have depth and dive data, while the second line feeds no-deco-decompression information with Time To Surface.

Apeks DSX Main Screen Display

Additionally, the display features two handy graphs with Gradient Factor/N2 saturation and a colour-coded ascent rate bar graph. Finally, the bottom lines on the right show the gas mix setting, wireless integration information, and the PO2 reading. All this information on the big 2.4-inch screen makes reading all the data super easy even in low visibility conditions such as night, wreck or cave diving. The screen is integrated with a backlight and ambient light sensor, so there is no need to press the button each time you need to read the computer in low light - the light sensor will automatically activate the backlight when ambient light drops beyond a specific value!

Colour coding on a computer is a precious function. Lining up the DSX computer with other players such as Shearwater - Apeks equipped their unit with colour-coded, vibration and audio-integrated alarms. What does it mean? It means that whenever the values are close or outside the standard expected numbers (e.g. ascending to fast or missed decompression stop), the display will change the colours of numbers shown to yellow or red, vibrate and beep to attract the diver's attention and prompt correction to the dive. This is particularly useful in technical diving when task loading, such as handling multiple tanks, photo/video equipment or cave line laying etc., can distract you from monitoring your dive computer. 

Apeks DSX Dive Computer Alarms Functions

Firmware Features of the Apeks DSX Dive Computer

The Apeks DSX Computer uses a well-tested and very popular Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm to calculate tissue nitrogen loading. The new Apeks DSX is an excellent tool for single tank diving, extended range and technical diving, including closed circuit rebreather trimix with dedicated modes for gas switching sidemount diving - one instrument to rule them all! Like all the latest advanced dive computers, the Apkes DSX also come with Gradient Factors control to shape that decompression curve to the diver's preferences ascending only with a fraction (factor) of the algorithm's maximum allowed gas saturation values. This is quite a handy feature to adjust decompression profiles to your preference. Air Integration is a powerful feature in rich multi function technical diving computer. The Apeks DSX Dive Computer is fully air integrated and suitable for use with up to 6 transmitters, ideal for sidemount diving or when running multiple bailouts or decompression gases.

Apeks DSX Dive Computer Sidemount Mode

  • Open Circuit Mode
  • Closed Circuit Mode
  • Gauge Mode
  • Sidemount Diving Mode
  • Gas switching between 6 different gas mixtures in closed and open circuit
  • Plug-in Oxygen Analyser for Air and Nitrox mixes
  • Full choice of alarms, including visual, audible and vibration alarms

Hardware Features of the Apeks DSX Dive Computer

The new Apeks DSX Dive Computer features a large 2,4-inch colour TFT LCD with an integrated backlight and ambient light sensor, so if you are diving in low visibility conditions such as a wreck, cave or night diving, this unit with always light up with a reassuring glow. The power unit of the Apeks DSX dive computer is large for this type of unit lithium battery that can last up to 80 hours, depending on settings. Other advanced features include wireless integration with Apeks DSX Transmitters, 3D tilt-compensated compass and surface GPS positioning where you can mark and record entry and exit points. 

Apeks DSX Dive Computer 3D Compass
  • Large 2,4-inch display
  • Wireless Integration with up to 6 Apeks DSX Transmitters
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Inductive charging via dedicated magnetic matt
  • 3D Tilt compensated compass
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery good for 20-30h running time
  • Surface GPS entry-exit points
  • Dedicated O2 analyzer compatible with R22 O2 cells
  • Multiple Alarms Audible, Sensory (Heptic) and Visual Alarms

The New Apeks Diverlog+ App

In today's world of mind-boggling data, exchanging just another cable might not have been the best solution. Therefore the new Apeks DSX brings forward the latest wireless Bluetooth Smart connectivity - you can now link your Apeks DSX Dive Computer with your Android or Mac iOS device in a matter of seconds with a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 connection. 

Apeks DiverLog App for Apeks DSX Dive Computer

 Apeks DiverLog+ Applications for Apeks DSX Dive Computer:

  • Fast download data from your dive computer, including runtime data and transmitter gas data
  • Quick access to download of the latest software updates via Cloud service
  • Sharing your dive info, photos, and video links directly to your social media channels
  • Function allowing Instructor signing your dive profile
  • Access to copy of your dive certificates etc. 
  • Review your dive profile in real-time. 

Dedicated Apeks O2 Analyser and Charging Mat

One of the key tools in extended range and technical diving. Following the motto Know what you breathe! Testing your gas before the dive is imperative; this is where the DSX Computer package has the edge. The latest Apeks dive computer has a dedicated O2 analyser compatible with R22 O2 cells. A downside is that you need to purchase the cell separately, which increases the cost of the bundle. On the other hand, you can achieve reliable O2 testing with your computer if there are no other analysers available at the remote dive sites. 

Finally the Apeks DSX Dive Computer can be charged by supplied interface cable or dedicated induction charging mat with a status LED circle. 

Apeks DSX Dive Computer Oxygen AnalyserApeks DSX Dive Computer Charging Mat

Full Features of Apeks DSX Technical Dive Computer

  • Air-integrated and suitable for use with up to 6 transmitters, ideal for sidemount diving.
  • Use up to 6 gasses in open and closed-circuit diving.
  • Upto 80h operation on a single battery charge, depending on settings.
  • The GPS function allows you to mark waypoints on the surface and will enable you to navigate back to your entry point. 
  • Sidemount mode with gas switch notification.
  • Supplied with oxygen analyser (note: no oxygen cell provided, use R22 type cell).
  • Titanium outer bezel to save weight and ensure maximum durability.
  • Two strap options supplied double elastic straps with buckle release and bungee attachment system. 
  • Reusable protective storage case.
  • The induction charging system is provided with an Induction charging mat.
  • Traditional cable charge system for faster charging from the mains or portable power source when in remote locations. 
  • CCR mode (NOTE: CCR Mode will be activated December 2022)



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