New Suunto Software update

New Suunto Software update

We are very pleased to announce that Suunto have finally launched the long awaited software update to the EON Steel!

There are two software updates available: A free upgrade to the RGBM Fused 2 algorithm, already featured on the EON Core and D5, that can be downloaded for free by the user either via the Suunto link cable or via DM5. The new fused 2 algorithm offers less conservatism on deeper and repetitive dives. It also allows you to run a stepped decompression profile instead of a continuous one.


The other option is more exciting which is the option to add the Buhlmann ZHL16 algorithm to the EON Steel. Mainly a feature for tec divers, this allows an EON steel user to match the algorithm of the computer to their team mates if those divers are using other units like Shearwaters.

The Buhlmann update also offers the following:

  • Fully customisable gradient factors.
  • The ability to run a stepped decompression profile in traditional 3m increments instead of the continuous decompression ceiling.
  • No lockouts meaning the computer won’t go into an error mode as a consequence of a missed deco stop.

Once the computer has been upgraded the user is still able to select between the two algorithms depending on the style of diving they're doing.


To get the Buhlmann upgrade all units need to be sent back to Suunto. If your unit is less than 2 years old the upgrade is free. For older units the cost is £80.

At Mikes, if you’ve bought the unit from us and you’re on our newsletter, we’ll cover all the shipping costs of sending the unit to Suunto and back to you. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions. To get the upgrade simply head here