The New Scubapro Luna 2.0 Dive Computer

Release of Luna 2.0 Air Integrated Dive Computer

The Scubapro Luna 2.0 Dive Computer and the Luna 2.0 Air Integrated Dive Computer are designed to provide a seamless diving experience that is as reliable as it is comfortable. These wrist-mount dive computers feature a high-contrast, large display screen and a bright LED backlight for easy readability, even in low-light underwater environments. Rated down to 120 meters, the Luna 2.0 dive computers ensure reliable performance under any diving conditions. The low-profile design, courtesy of oil-filled technology, adds to the sense of ease and confidence divers can experience. In essence, the Luna 2.0 makes accessing and reading your dive data a breeze, ensuring you can focus more on the dive itself.


Scubapro Luna 2 Air Integrated Dive Computer

Scubapro Luna 2.0 Screen

The Luna 2.0 Dive Computer from Scubapro sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface. The device features a wide, high-contrast black and white LCD display screen that ensures maximum visibility. The large characters are easy to read, allowing divers to quickly access their dive data without straining their eyes. Moreover, the bright LED backlight ensures that the display is fully readable in low-light underwater conditions or during night dives. This attention to detail in the Luna 2.0's display design exemplifies Scubapro's commitment to providing divers with equipment that is not only reliable, but also highly accessible and easy to use.


Scubapro Luna 2.0 and Luna 2.0 AI Display Data

Scubapro Luna 2.0 Casing

Unlike its predecessors, the Galileo and Luna, the Scubapro Luna 2.0 is encased in a slim, low-profile housing. This innovative design, featuring a thin thermoplastic structure, integrates the state-of-the-art oil fill technology, resulting in steadfast performance throughout your diving adventures. The oil fill technology ensures that the Luna 2.0 maintains its composure under pressure and battery compartment separate from the rest of electronics, delivering accurate readings even when you're deep beneath the water's surface. The low-profile casing doesn't just add to the durability and reliability of the Luna 2.0, but also enhances comfort and ease-of-wear, making it a perfect companion for divers of all levels.

Scubapro Luna 2 Dive Computer Casing Profiles 

Scubapro Luna 2.0 Two-Button Control

The Scubapro Luna 2.0 dive computers incorporate a straightforward two-button control system. This simplified interface design makes it remarkably easy to navigate through the device's menus and options. The buttons are positioned for intuitive use, leading to a seamless, hassle-free operation. Whether you're a novice or an experienced diver, this two-button control system allows you to access all the essential features of the Luna 2.0 without any complications. This design once again underscores Scubapro's mission to enhance your diving experience by combining high performance with effortless control.

Scubapro Luna 2 Dive Computer


Scubapro Luna 2.0 Multiple Dive Modes

The Scubapro Luna 2.0 dive computers offer an array of dive modes to cater to the diver's specific needs. They are equipped with two selectable algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Buhlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB or ZH-L16+GF (Gradient Factor). This choice of algorithms not only ensures accurate data representation but also allows a more personalized diving experience.

Compatible with Nitrox up to 100%, the Luna 2.0 allows divers to select up to three gases, facilitating advanced diving scenarios. The computer also supports three different dive modes - Scuba, Gauge, and Apnea. The Scuba mode is designed for general diving, the Gauge mode for monitoring depth and time, and the Apnea mode for free-diving. These features highlight the versatility of the Luna 2.0 dive computers, making diving simpler and safer, regardless of the environment or conditions or type of diving you enjoy the most.


Scubapro Luna 2 Air integrated Dive Modes

Scubapro Luna 2.0 BLUETOOTH® LE Interface

Another notable feature of the Scubapro Luna 2.0 dive computers is the integrated BLUETOOTH® LE (Low Energy) interface. This advanced connectivity feature allows divers to easily download their dive data to any iOS or Android device, or even a PC/Mac, facilitating seamless data transfer and dive log management. The importance of this feature lies in its ability to ensure quick and efficient access to your diving stats, enhancing post-dive analysis and planning for future dives. Moreover, the Luna 2.0's firmware can be conveniently updated by the user, ensuring the dive computer remains up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. With the inclusion of the BLUETOOTH® LE interface, Scubapro once again demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the diving experience by integrating innovation and user convenience.

Scubapro LogTRAK 2.0 Data Management System

Scubapro's Luna 2.0 dive computers are powered by the advanced LogTRAK 2.0 data management system. This cloud-based mobile dive logbook allows divers to download, store, and share their dive logs, review crucial dive data, and even adjust their dive computer settings. LogTRAK 2.0 is more than just a tool for data recording; it's a comprehensive platform that enhances the overall diving experience, making data management as effortless as possible.

The Luna 2.0 dive computers from Scubapro are equipped with a unique feature known as the LogTRAK Profile. This feature displays the graphical representation of your dive, visually demonstrating your depth and time data. It enables you to visually track the progress of your dive, making it easier to analyze and understand your diving patterns.

Scubapro logTrak Mobile App for Scubapro Luna 2.0 Dive Computer

In addition to the graphical display, the LogTRAK Details feature provides extensive data about your dives that can be personalized. You have the option to augment the dive data by adding specifics about your equipment and tank info. This allows for more detailed record-keeping, enabling you to keep track of the gear used on specific dives and the performance of individual pieces of equipment.

One more notable addition of Scubapro LogTrak 2.0 is the location feature. This innovative offering allows divers to mark their dive site on a global map, providing a geographical reference for their underwater exploration. This feature is particularly useful for divers who travel and dive in various locations, making it easy to track and remember the exact locations of their dives. With the Luna 2.0's location feature, each dive becomes a marked exploration on the world map, adding a deeper sense of adventure to your scuba diving experience.

The application is readily available for download from the App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users. With LogTRAK 2.0, divers get to enjoy an all-in-one solution for managing their dive data while staying connected with the larger diving community.

Scubapro LogTrak App for Scubapro Luna 2 Dive Computer


Scubapro Luna 2.0 AI (With Air Integration)

The Scubapro Luna 2.0 AI takes diver support to the next level with its air integration feature pairing with Scubapro Smart+ Pro Transmitter and Scubapro Smart LED+ Transmitter. This advanced version monitors tank pressure and provides an accurate remaining bottom time (RBT) calculation based on the breathing workload. This invaluable feature allows divers to better manage their dive times, enhancing safety, and efficiency underwater.

Added to this, the Luna 2.0 AI also supports an optional Scubapro Heart Rate monitor. When used, this device records your heartbeat and skin temperature during the dive. These data points can then be factored into the decompression calculation, providing a more personalized and accurate dive profile. In doing so, the Luna 2.0 AI ensures that your safety is maximized while you explore the depth of the ocean.

With these additional features, the Scubapro Luna 2.0 AI version truly takes the diving experience to new depths, demonstrating Scubapro's commitment to technological advancement and user safety.

 Scubapro Smart Plus Pro Transmitter for Scubapro Luna 2 Dive COmputer

Scubapro Luna 2.0 Dive Computer Features:

  • Easy-to-use design.
  • The oil-filled thermoplastic housing is super thin and sits comfortably on the arm.
  • Wide, high-contrast black and white LCD display screen and large characters for easy reading at depth.
  • An intuitive menu and two-button controls make it easy to navigate through the system.
  • Choice of 2 algorithms: Predictive Multi-Gas Bühlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG, or ZH-L16 + GF (Gradient Factor).
  • Nitrox compatible (100%) with 3 selectable gasses.
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives, and breathing mixes for safer diving.
  • Six Microbubble levels (L0-L5) let you personalise and adjust the level of conservatism in the ADT algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
  • 3 Dive modes: Scuba, Gauge, and Apnea.
  • The NEW soft silicone arm strap is comfortable against your wrist
  • Durable silicone housing case cover & pre-installed screen protector
  • Max Operating Depth: 394ft/120m.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy interface lets you download dives to any iOS or Android device or PC/Mac.
  • Firmware can be user-updated by going to or the SCUBAPRO LogTRAK 2.0 app.
  • CR2450 battery is user-changeable and rated for up to two years/300 dives.
  • Bungee mounts on the corners of the housing allow for alternate securing methods

In summary, the Scubapro Luna 2.0 dive computers are an impressive display of modern design and advanced functionality. With their sleek, low-profile aesthetic, they appeal to the style-conscious diver while not compromising on performance. The computers pack a punch with advanced features like multiple gas selection, three dive modes, and integrated BLUETOOTH® LE for seamless data transfer. The Luna 2.0 AI variant takes it a step further with optional air integration, providing added safety and efficiency for divers. All in all, the Scubapro Luna 2.0 series is an embodiment of advanced technology, stylish design, and user safety, making it a must-have for any serious diver.