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When the new Shearwater Teric was released in May 2018, it immediately became a sensation setting a new benchmark for wristwatch style dive computers. Shearwater Bronze Teric Journeys is the latest colour addition to these most successful computers. The Teric Bronze is a tribute and reminder of the tools used by divers over the years, reimagined in underwater adventure stories and movie classics such as Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" or " Men of Honour" and many more. The new Teric Bronze is for you to carry this most remarkable heritage and connects us to the sea.

A tiny bit of history

Shearwater Research - a Canadian company, founded by a scuba diver and engineer Bruce Partridge in 2004, has been producing advanced and technical dive computers well known in the technical diving circles as the top brass in terms of reliability, sturdiness and customisation. Shearwater wrist-mounted dive computers such as Shearwater Pursuit, Predator, Perdix or Petrel were, and still are, the number one computer to be installed as controllers or used as backup decompression computers with many rebreather units. I still remember the first time when one of the Red Sea technical instructors showed me the Shearwater Pursuit he used as a backup for his KISS rebreather. Immediately I became impressed with the easiness and clarity of the user interface before even looking into the manual - it was incredibly instinctively simple to use. Shearwater still uses intuitive two-button navigation on contemporary units, such as Perdix, Perdix AI and Peregrine. I have been hooked on Shearwater computers ever since, and the new Teric Journeys is no exception.  

Why the name Teric?

As you may have spotted already, traditionally, Shearwater has been naming their units, always beginning with later "P" and often after the ocean-going seabirds. The history goes that the Teric was going to be named Pteric (: of, relating to, or resembling a wing.) Allegedly, it was decided the new unit will be named Teric, breaking the naming rules to commemorate the release of the first wrist-mounted watch style dive computer and departing from conventional design rules the company adhered to so far. Thus, with the Teric Dive Computer, Shearwater Research introduced five new conventions:

  • The name does not have to start with "P", to mark a new chapter. 
  • First Shearwaters watch style dive computer. You can take it on long surface intervals and life in between dives - keep it real but look cool at all times!
  • First Shearwater computer to be small and round The dive computer does not have to have a big and cubical display - a smaller screen with an AMOLED is as powerful!
  • The dive computer does not have to be black. Your Teric can be now paired with five optional watch band colours. Our favourites are Shearwater blue and, more importantly, hot pink. They call it live in Tericoroul!
  • The first Shearwater dive computer with sound and vibration alarms making this unit highly suitable for freedivers, open water divers and anybody with a multidisciplinary approach to diving.
Shearwater Teric Bronze Journeys | Mike's Dive Store

Full Colour. High Resolution. AMOLED. Customisation.

The new Bronze Teric Journeys uses a 35mm diameter full-colour AMOLED display within a 55mm diameter, and 18mm high body and weighs approximately 120g. The display brightness levels are user adjustable and accessible with just one button press for quick and easy access at any time. The new Teric Bronze Journeys display is highly customisable - you can rearrange your display to your hears content using different colour for different information display. Captain Nemo eat your heart out! Navigation is executed by four buttons - two left buttons for scrolling and the right buttons for  selection and home. Live is Tericcolour could not be easier!

  • Vivid full color AMOLED display
  • Rugged stainless steel bezel and sapphire crystal
  • Crush proof to 200m / 650ft
  • 5 independently configurable diving modes
  • 2 customizable layouts for every dive mode
  • 5 customizable gases in every SCUBA mode
  • 3 watch faces available in 15 colors

Teric Bronze Journeys Multiple Diving Modes

One truly versatile watch style dive computer to take you on every diving adventure and everything in between! If you have a multidisciplinary approach to diving, and like us, live and breathe all that is diving, this watch will be a perfect companion. The Bronze Teric Journeys includes open-circuit and closed-circuit air, nitrox and trimix multi-gas functionality along with a 3-axis tilt-compensated digital compass. It has recreational, gauge, freediving, open-circuit tech and closed-circuit/bail-out modes.

Shearwater Bronze Teric Journeys Dive Computer | Mikes Dive Store

Simple and Powerful Air Integration

The Bronze Teric Journeys can be used with up to 4 wireless transmitters to monitor cylinder pressures and provide data to perform Gas Time Remaining and other similar beneficial calculations. It pairs with a dedicated Shearwater Swift Transmitter.

The Swift is designed and built-in for demanding divers of all proficiency levels. The Swift allows divers to carry multiple transmitters reliably. The collision avoidance protocol allows for multiple transmitters to be used simultaneously with a lower likelihood of dropped communications.

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Cloud Control

The latest Teric Bronze Journeys, is compatible with Cloud Storage and connects via Bluetooth. 

Teric Bronze Journeys Box Contents | Mike's Dive Store

The box features a premium sleeve with graphics that demand attention and a nod to retro movie films. The bronze bezel colour complements many existing accessory straps to suit your diving look. Available to order today, while stocks last, the Journeys Edition is priced as our other Teric colours.

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