Agulhas - New Snorkelling and Freediving Equipment

Agulhas - New Snorkelling and Freediving Equipment

Agulhas Diving Philosophy

This newly founded company draws inspiration from the majestic beauty and unfettered freedom of the ocean world at Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. As Steve explains, it is the magnificent meeting point of the cold South Atlantic, and the warm Indian Ocean resulting in fantastically dazzling diversity of marine life. The Agulhas Current, a warm 'ocean river' teeming with life, cascades down the eastern flank of South Africa from Mozambique and has intrigued seafarers since time immemorial. Early Portuguese explorers were mesmerized by the curious phenomenon that occurred at this juncture— the compass needle defying the distinction between true and magnetic north. They named this place Agulhas, borrowing from 'agulha', the Portuguese term for 'needle'. Others attribute the name to the treacherous needle-like boulders strewn along the Cape. Regardless of the origin of the name, Agulhas embodies a wild, free ocean lifestyle, which Agulhas strive to encapsulate in their range of masks and snorkels, which seem a grand opening to more freediving products that hopefully will soon follow.

Agulhas - New Snorkelling and Freediving Equipment 

Who are Agulhas Founders?

The Agulhas team is a diverse squad of seasoned professionals, each contributing unique expertise and passion to the brand: Peter Marshall, a world champion swimmer. Upon retiring from competitive swimming, Peter transitioned to freediving. He didn't enter the freediving field to compete but to explore his passion as a coach, underwater photographer, and conservationist. His experience and knowledge greatly contribute to the design and performance of Agulhas's technical range of freediving equipment.

Another key member of the team is Hanli Prinsloo. She is a South African ocean advocate, multiple freediving record holder, and true conservationist. Hanli's journey of freediving with marine megafauna has resulted in numerous exhibitions, films, and articles highlighting the profound connection between humans and animals. She is also a freediving educator and believer that the ocean belongs to everyone.

The team also includes Domenico Iuliano & Paola Rigamonti, avid conservationists who discovered freediving on an expedition with Hanli & Peter in 2016. Since then, they have become accomplished freedivers, established an ocean conservation foundation, and spent much of their time freediving in the Spanish Balearic Islands. Collectively, Dom, Paola, Hanli, and Peter breathe life into a shared dream: an ocean exploration brand for ocean lovers by ocean lovers.

Agulhas - New Snorkelling and Freediving Equipment 

Design, Performance and Positive Impact

As explained by Hanli, the design of the Agulhas Mokarran Mask draws inspiration from the sleek silhouette of the hammerhead shark, a marine creature renowned for its sophisticated hunting adaptations. The unique 'hammer' of the shark's head grants it a 360-degree view of its surroundings. Similarly, the Agulhas mask dispenses with the conventional centrepiece between two lenses, adopting a curved single lens that contours along the lines of the face, thereby delivering an enhanced field of vision underwater. 


Agulhas Freediving Masks 

The Agulhas Cepedianus Snorkel, on the other hand, takes its cue from another pelagic creature - the Seven-Gill Shark. Just as the shark's age-old adaptations prioritize simplicity over complexity, the AGULHAS snorkel embodies the same philosophy. Short of growing gills, one of the smartest ways to enjoy uninterrupted underwater viewing is through a snorkel that prides itself on simplicity - keep it streamlined simple :-)


Agulhas Diving and Freediving Snorkels

The Agulhas Backpack is designed to accommodate your daily commute, workday, and travel experience. You can strap any length fins to the outside of the bag for a quick dash down to the water, while your laptop has a safe place inside for days where work and play coincide. It's an everyday bag that can keep up with your ocean lifestyle.

Finally, the AGULHAS gear range is designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. Agulhas masks, snorkels, and bags employ a modular system, enabling individual parts to be replaced when necessary, thereby prolonging the lifespan of our products. Furthermore, every material chosen for our products is meticulously evaluated to ensure optimal performance, ultimate ocean style, and, most importantly, minimal environmental impact. 

Agulhas - New Snorkelling and Freediving Equipment 

What we like about Agulhas Snorkelling and Freediving Gear?

What makes Agulhas stand out in the crowded market of freediving and snorkelling gear is their commitment to excellence in design, environmental consciousness, and the deep-seated passion for freediving that comes alive in their products. Inspired by pelagic life, the innovative design of the Mokarran Mask and the Cepedianus Snorkel not only ensures great fit but also celebrates the beauty of the underwater world. The Agulhas Mokarran Mask, drawing inspiration from the hammerhead shark, offers a great field of vision, while the super streamlined Agulhas Cepedianus Snorkel provides streamlined efficiency in any freediving experience.

Agulhas's commitment to the environment is what we like the most. Their products are designed with sustainability in mind, using materials that minimize environmental impact, and their modular system allows for the replacement of individual parts, thereby increasing product lifespan and reducing waste.

The passion that the Agulhas team has for freediving is evident. Each product is a testament to the team's dedication, expertise, and love for the ocean. This passion is what makes Agulhas's freediving masks and snorkels stand out.

Agulhas Freediving Equipment