Best Scuba Diving Mask 2019

Best Scuba Diving Mask 2019

There is without a doubt a wide choice of scuba diving masks available to buy at Mike's Dive Store. In fact, if you are a first time buyer in particular, it can even seem quite a daunting task to pick the right one. Masks can also be a very personal piece of equipment to buy, particularly if you have experienced problems finding a mask that fits well in the past.

Thankfully, with the continued design and technical advancements in masks, fit is much less of an issue with skirt designs accommodating much more face shape variation than ever before.

But that leaves the problem of picking a mask from the enormous choice that is available to you. To make it easier we have bought together some of the best options available right now.

TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask

The TUSA Freedom Ceos is an incredible mask in many ways. It features TUSA's Freedom Skirt technology that makes it extremely comfortable to wear and fit a wide variety of face shapes.

It boasts one of the largest colour ranges that we have ever seen. At last count there were 22 colour options with matching colours through the TUSA snorkel and fin ranges too.

On top of that the Freedom Ceos is also compatible with bi-focal, minus and positive correction lenses, making it by far our most popular prescription mask too.

All in all, the Freedom Ceos has proven itself to be the best performing, most popular and the perfect all round scuba diving mask.

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Hollis M1 Mask

The M1 was a much anticipated release from Hollis. This is a premium grade mask at a very competitive price.

Fitted with a low profile skirt that has a smooth finish on the inside for improved sealing and a matt finish on the outside just because it looks good! Saint-Gobian Diamant crystal clear glass for enhanced light transmittance and colour vibrancy, frameless design to reduce weight and a simple but effective strap buckle.

It is no wonder it gets some many good reviews!

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Scubapro Crystal VU Mask

The Crystal Vu is a side panel mask with a difference. Rather than a frame running down the joint between the front and side panes, Scubapro have bonded them directly together to create a near seamless field of view - panoramic almost!

The internal volume still remains low for convenient clearing, it is fitted with a wide mask strap for a more comfortable fit, swivelling buckles to reduce stress on the silicone skirt and a fantastic paint finish on the frame that the images can't truly show.

If field of view is a key requirement for you then the Scubapro Crystal VU will certainly deliver.

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Apeks VX1 Mask

Very similar to the Hollis M1, the Apeks VX1 is a premium mask sporting a mix of matt and gloss silicone finishes, optical clarity lenses and a frameless design. It does (strategically you may say) have a couple of little advantages over the M1 though.

The VX1 is supplied with both a silicone and a neoprene / webbing strap to give you the choice (useful if using without a hood), it uses more sturdy and smooth running stainless steel rollers in the quick release buckles and comes in a reusable protective EVA case rather than just a plastic box.

Not a fan of black? It also comes in a really good looking white too. 2020 should also see a version with a UV protection coated lens as well.

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Atomic Venom Mask

Atomic are well known for making the ultimate diving equipment and the Venom is no exception. The Venom uses Atomic's Subframe technology with all the strength benefits of a framed mask married with the benefits of a frameless mask. Strong, light, low profile!

Just touching this mask reassures you to the quality and design that went into making it. Optical grade lenses for improved light transmittance and colour vibrancy, a double layer / dual colour silicone skirt, incredible field of view and a really easy pinch mask strap adjustment system.

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Not Quite Right For You?

Unfortunately not every mask will comfortably fit or seal properly for everyone. Likewise some masks are better than others for underwater photographers for instance. Here are a few recommendations if you are struggling to find the right mask.

Large / Wide Face

If you have a larger or wide face than average then take a look at the TUSA Freedom HD which features a wider frame and skirt as well as incorporating the Freedom technology found in the Freedom Ceos mask.

Small Face

Sticking with the TUSA range and their Freedom technology skirts, the Tina has been designed for a narrow fit, making it ideal for ladies and children.

Large Nose

There is nothing more uncomfortable than constant pressure on your nose from an ill fitting mask. Thankfully some masks are blessed with larger than average nose sections with the Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin being one of our firm favourites to rectify the problem.

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography poses it's own problems, particularly with glare and reflections. Typically a low profile mask with black silicone is preferred as they limit light entering the mask, improve contrast and reduce reflections on the lens. There are also masks available, such as the Venom ARC or TUSA Paragon, that feature an anti-reflecting coating that is applied to the lens which actually helps light rays pass through the glass instead of bouncing back off. Optical grade lenses are also important as they have less impurities in the glass that cause the green tint.