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Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Dive Bag with Wheels

The Caicos Cargo Pack Dive Bag is the new offering from Stahlsac and it is amazing - too often durability is sacrificed for lightweight. Well with the Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Dive Bag - Stahlsac have designed a dive bag that is durable, lightweight, and stylish! Yes Stahlsac are a little more expensive than other dive bags on the market but you have to pay for intelligence and don't forget the lifetime warranty!

Multiple pockets provide endless combinations for organized gear storage. External pockets are handy for items needed quickly- while internal compression straps secure dive gear while in transit. All internal frame components are fully serviceable and our full length provides capacity for all types of gear- including XL fins.

The high profile frame keeps abrasion points away from stressful areas and its unique construction allows this full sized bag to weigh only 8.9 lbs.

Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 29" / 74cm x 48cm x 36cm
Volume: 132 litres
Weight: 8.9 Lbs / 4 Kgs

Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Dive Bag - What Fits?


Black / Blue 3-4 days
Black / Grey 3-4 days
Black / Red 3-4 days
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