Shipping Outside of the European Union

Shipping Outside of the European Union

Whilst we ship thousands of orders across the world each year some of our suppliers and manufacturers only allow us to sell their products within certain trade regions and as a UK based company this usually means within the EU only where these restrictions are imposed.

To help identify products that have shipping restrictions we have added a note beneath the description on affected product pages.

In a lot of cases there are legitimate reasons for buying product outside of sales region, usually availability of a particular product is a significant factor. Whilst we are unable to send products directly to you there are alternative options if you still want to purchase from us.

Freight forwarding companies have UK addresses that we are able to ship to. Once received they then forward on the parcel to your desired destination. There are a couple of things to be aware of thought when using a freight forwarding company. Firstly, we are not responsible for your parcel after it has been successfully delivered to the forwarding address. You'll need to arrange the forward transport (at your own expense) with them in advance of placing your order. Secondly, should a fault occur with your product you will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from the UK.

If you would like to investigate this as an option we have listed a few that our customers have used in the past. We are not affiliated with any of these companies nor offer any recommendations.

Aramex Shop & Ship for world wide deliveries

Alfaparcel for Russia plus 11 other countries

vPost for US, China and Japan