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Mares XR Tek 2mm Amara Gloves

The Mares XR Tek Amara Gloves have been specially altered for technical diving for improved dexterity and feel whilst still provided protection. The thumb, index and middle fingers have be cut  and finished to allow the touch and feel of bare hands but still provide protection to the rest of the hand and fingers.

The gloves are made from 2mm think, double lined neoprene with durable protective layer overt the palm.

  • 3 first phalanx cutted fingers (thumb, index, middle)
  • Double-lined neoprene, with Amara 2mm inserts
  • No velcro strap
  • Best design to maintain the "feel and touch" on finger ends for ''blind'' diving


XS 1 In Stock
S 1 In Stock
M 3-4 days
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XL 3-4 days
XXL 3-4 days
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