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Light and Motion Sola Nightsea Light

Light and Motion Sola Nightsea Light opens a whole new perspective to underwater night time diving, photo- and videography! Until now there has been a lack of lighting required for good quality fluorescent underwater photos and videos.

Sola Nightsea Light has changed that, providing a strong beam when needed for macro and it can even be switched over to a wide coverage to catch larger subjects. This versatile dive light should be an essential item in every fluorescence image makers bag. It can be used without the blue light turning it into a powerful, normal white light dive torch.

When ordering this product, bear in mind you also need a mask filter to use this light, and a camera filter to catch the images in fluorescent glow. 

Light and Motion Sola –Product Features

Introduction to Fluorescent Diving

Light and Motion Sola Nightsea -video


Radiant Flux (mW) (Flood 60° / Spot 12°):

High - 3000 / 1700

Med - 1500 / 850

Low - 750 / 425

Run Time (60° / 12°):

High - 70 / 110 mins

Med - 140 / 220 mins

Low - 280 / 440 mins

Charge Time: 150 Minutes (2A)

Size: 56 x 104mm

Weight: 254 gr. w/out Mount



  • 2-3 days More Info