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Dive Rite TravelPac All-in-One Lightweight Travel BC

The Dive Rite Travelpac is an extremely lightweight but durable travel BC. With a lot of travel BC's you usually sacrifice the durability and build quality but Dive Rite have kept true to their brand of well styled and well built dive equipment. The travelpac can't be split so this is really only a travel BC if you need something that will do twins and travel and still want Dive Rite then the Transpac Harness plus one of the Dive Rite wings would be more suited. But you can add the Dive Rite weight system and maybe one small bellows pocket - although I would wait with the pocket as you have no shortage of D-rings to clip a SMB or camera on.

At 25lbs/11.3kg of lift, the TravelPac will support one 80ft3/12L aluminum tank with additional weight not to exceed 10lbs.

The TravelPac is a extremely streamlined, back inflate BCD that has the advantages of putting buoyancy where it is most needed for horizontal trim –throughout the torso supporting the weight of the tank. No squeezes or uncomfortable restrictions that can happen with a jacket style BC. The 360-degree, donut wing provides even inflation and won't tip divers while floating at the surface.

The TravelPac comes standard with a 1.5-inch crotch strap

Dive Rite TravelPac -Specifications and Tips


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