The Aqualung i330R Dive Computer Has Landed

The Aqualung i330R Dive Computer Has Landed

We have been excitedly awaiting the Aqualung i330R for a while, and it hasn't disappointed. Compact, full colour and truly excellent value for money, the i330R is undoubtably going to be a hugely popular dive computer amongst new and experience divers alike.

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The i330R was developed for recreational divers, so you won't find advanced features here, but it will still be able to support your diving as you transition through to more technical diving by offering gas switching between up to three mixes.

It is a really compact rechargeable dive computer and features a secure nato style strap that gives plenty of length to be worn straight on the wrist all the way up to over a drysuit with ease. It is designed to be simple to use with just two buttons to navigate through the on screen menus. Of course, the i330R has the latest in Bluetooth connectivity to allow smartphone interaction, setting control and social sharing via the Divelog app.

With so many dive computers battling for your attention when choosing a new computer these days it is often difficult to see which is the right one to get but, with the i330R, we truly believe that Aqualung is on to a winner in the entry level compact wrist computer race.