Suunto EON Core Trade In Programme 2020

Suunto EON Core Trade In Programme 2020

Suunto recently released their Fused2 algorithm which optimised the ascents times for deep air dives and repetitive dives as well as adjusts the calculations for no-fly times. The firmware update is already available for an EON Core owners to download and install.

In line with the update Suunto have also announce a Spring trade in programme that will save you £250 off the full Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of a new EON Core White with Tank Pod by simply trading in your old dive computer.

The only stipulations for the trade in computer are that it MUST be from a recognised dive instrumentation manufacturer and MUST have been purchased through the normal retail network. To trade your old computer in you can just come in to store where we'll fill in a form for Suunto, send it off to Suunto but we won't be able to issue you a new EON Core White and Tank Pod until Suunto have confirm that the trade in is eligible, at which point they'll send us your new computer. We can then either let you know the computer is ready for pickup or send it out to you once the upgrade has been paid for.

If you don't fancy coming in or live to far from the store then your can send in your trade computer with a covering note detailing your name, address, phone number and email address. We'll deal with the paperwork and get in contact when we have your new EON Core and need to process the sale.

The offer is available now until end of September 2020. All applications must have reached Suunto by this deadline so don't leave it until the last minute to bring / send in your trade in.