Mike's Dive Store Supports British Divers Marine Life Rescue

February 25, 2020

Supporting the British Divers Marine Life Rescue

At Mike's Dive Store the conservation and protection of our coastline, seas and marine life is extremely important to us, we even donate a percentage of our profits to Sea-Changers each year to help fund important conservation and education projects all over the country.

We have also directly supported and funded a number of projects and teams including the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) so when Steve, the owner here at Mike's, heard about fundraising efforts to raise money for a new Insta360 camera kit for the Large Whale Disentanglement Team he quickly became involved, donating all the funds needed to source the kit. The funds already raised will go towards extra batteries and chargers for the camera, so they are always ready to go!

“Seeing people actually out there disentangling whales - now I mean - that’s what you call direct action - this isn’t just people chatting about doing stuff or reposting quotes or pictures on social media, these people are out there in the freezing cold actually doing stuff! Freeing whales! Why wouldn’t you want to support them!?”

The BDMLR have been involved in the rescue of marine wildlife for over 30 years and has been in attendance after every major marine disaster, including the Braer shipwreck in Shetland and the Sea Empress grounding in Milford Haven.

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