Scubapro Go Travel and Go Sport Fins, best lightweight travel fins!

Scubapro Go Travel and Go Sport Fins, best lightweight travel fins!

Paddle blade fins provide a great solution for those of us who are looking to maximize our performance in the water. The single, consistent piece of material allows for greater control and stability in the water, making your dives smoother and more enjoyable. There is a wide range of materials available to choose from when it comes to paddle blade fins, so you can find something that suits your needs perfectly but two models really stand out from the rest in terms of lightness and performance. 

Scubapro Go Travel fins and Scubapro Go Sport fins are made out of lightweight and durable materials, making them perfect for the travelling diver. The rubber blades of these fins provide optimal performance with minimal effort, while their paddle fin construction ensures lasting comfort during long dives. The Scubapro Go Travel and Scubapro Go Sport fins are designed to offer maximum propulsion with little drag, allowing you to stay in control no matter where you dive. Featuring a single consistent piece of material that is crafted from composite as well as mono and bi-polymer materials, these fins have superior character compared to split fins. Simple, durable, lightweight and stiff enough to perform in currents.


Why Go Sport and Go Travel perform better than standard full-foot fins?

Full-foot fins are great when it comes to snorkelling or swimming around a current free-house reef. They are also great for confined water, pool sessions and training. So what do they lack? They lack the stiffness and power transfer for open ocean diving. When you find yourself in a current with the need to get out of trouble or fast swim towards the zodiac or to a sheltered place, full-foot soft fins will make you work multiple times harder. Go Sport and Go Travel fins give much better power transfer suitable for open water diving.

The Scubapro's Go Travel Fins and Go Sport Fins are your key to a comfortable and effortless dive. With lightweight and durable materials, these fins offer superior performance and propulsion with minimal drag. Paddle fin construction ensures lasting comfort while the single consistent piece of material crafted from carbon composite, mono and bi-polymer materials gives them superior character compared to split fins. Whether you're an experienced diver or just getting into the sport, Scubapro Advanced Fins are sure to take your diving experience to the next level!

Scubapro's Go Travel fins and Go Sport fins are perfect for any kind of diving. The lightweight design makes them perfect for travel, while their paddle fin construction provides optimal performance with minimal effort.

 Scubapro Go Sport Fins Scubapro Go Travel Fins
  • Lightweight design increases convenience when travelling and comfort in the water
  • Open heel "Boot-Fit" design features a replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap
  • Revised Ergo3 foot pocket is re-profiled for maximum comfort and power transfer
  • Ultra-strong 100% Monprene® construction for long-term, heavy-duty use
  • 25 deg pre-angled blade with a Central Power Panel provides longitudinal rigidity and creates a channelling effect
  • Power Bars on the underside prevent over flex to maintain the optimum angle of attack under high-load conditions
  • Mounting points for skegs that minimise side slip and maximise stability
  • Skegs come in a variety of colours for customisation and colour-code sizing in rental operations
  • Piggy Back Stack system for a space-saving storage/transport
  • Fins fit easily in IATA carry-on compliant luggage
  • The sizing profile is the same as the Seawing Nova
  • Lightweight design; XS-S 1.0 kg, M-L 1.26 kg, XL 1.5kg
  • Barefoot Design with a self-adjusting bungee heel strap
  • 100 per cent Monprene® construction
  • 25-degree pre-angled blade
  • Central Power Panel
  • Power Bars on the underside
  • Designed to fit easily in IATA carry-on compliant luggage


Neoprene socks for Scubapro Go Travel Fins

Scubapro Go Travel Fins are a dream come true for the avid scuba diver. Whether you're just getting started or an experienced pro, these fins make it easy to stay comfortable while enjoying the beauty of tropical waters. And while they can be worn on bare feet, sometimes you'll want a bit more protection than that provides - especially if you plan to spend several hours in the ocean each day, like on a liveaboard dive trip.

Scubapro Lightweight Go Travel Fins

That's where scuba diving socks come in. These lightweight neoprene socks provide just enough cushion and protection so your feet won't get too sore during longer dives. Plus, they look great when paired with the Scubapro Go Travel Fins - making them an ideal choice for those serious about their underwater adventure.

So if you're looking to take your diving experience to the next level, don't forget to pick up a pair of scuba diving socks to go with your Scubapro Go Travel Fins - they'll keep you comfortable and stylish as you explore the world's most beautiful tropical waters!

    Best boots for Scubapro Go Sport Fins

    The Scubapro Go Sport Fins are designed for maximum performance, no matter what your diving environment. Whether you're enjoying the warm waters of a tropical paradise or exploring the depths of the UK’s chilly seas, there's the perfect boot to pair with your fins.

    Scubapro Go Sport Travel Fins

    If you're seeking something lightweight and versatile for those balmy dives in tropical waters, Fourth Element Rock Hopper Shoe is ideal. This 3mm short boot features a neoprene-coated exterior and non-slip sole for traction as you explore coral reefs and rock formations.

    For more temperate conditions – such as deep dives in cooler temperatures - opt for Fourth Element Pelagic Boots. Their superior insulation will keep your feet warm, while their anti-slip sole and reinforced toe ensure you stay safe.

    Finally, the most robust boot in this collection is the Fourth Element Amphibian Boot. Fully sealed with a waterproof zipper and adjustable drawstring closure, it's perfect for British divers fir scuba diving season. 

    So when you're looking for something to match your Scubapro Go Sport Fins, these boots are sure to provide all the comfort and protection you need whatever your dive environment. Enjoy exploring new depths of adventure with style and safety!

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