Scubapro Everdry 4 Men's Drysuit

Scubapro Everdry 4 Men's Drysuit
Scubapro Everdry 4 Men's Drysuit - Mike's Dive Store
Scubapro Everdry 4 Men's Drysuit - Mike's Dive Store
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  • Scubapro's updated Everdry 4 Drysuit is so light its ridiculous! With 4mm high density neoprene it maintains warmth and integrity- but unlike a normal Drysuit it is travel friendly- and extremely versatile.

    Soft & comfortable like a wetsuit- but keeps you warm & watertight like a dry suit. Everdry4 was created for demanding and recreational divers wanting easy-to-wear advanced dry suit protection. In professional black with modern- metallic silver graphics and logos- this suit says SCUBAPRO quality and spirit throughout.

    4mm high-density neoprene maintains optimal thermal insulation but weighs 50% less and is significantly softer than a traditional dry suit. It also ensures better protection and buoyancy stability at depth than a traditional wetsuit. It features Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves- facilitating better buoyancy operation and increased comfort. The suit comes with soft flexible neoprene socks- fitting a broad range of feet and body combinations.

    The suit can be worn with HD Drysuit Boots or neoprene boots. Durable dry back zipper with neoprene protection flap keeps water out.

    Convenient and roomy pocket with zippered closure keeps essentials close at hand. Available in both men's and women's sizes. And our lady's version is a specifically cut and shaped pattern for perfect fit on the female form. Reversed construction rolling neoprene neck seals guarantee watertightness without the hair-pulling or potential allergy risks of traditional latex.

    Two exterior velcro closures offer complete adjustment and comfort. Easy-to-repair neoprene wrist seals for no-leak insulation and comfort.

    Elastic- adjustable & removable suspender system for a better fit. 5/6.5mm anatomically shaped hood with prolonged neck & soft skin-like neoprene face & neck seals- plus air release valve system- keeps you warm.

    Please call the store before coming in for sizing so that we can discuss measurements, book an appointment allowing one of our drysuit specialist the time to devote to your fitting and reserve the correct sizes for you avoiding out of stock disappointment.

    VIDEO CONSULTATIONS NOW AVAILABLE: We're bringing our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff to you with live-streaming consultations. If you need help choosing the right bit of kit or the best size before buying or even advice on whether a purchased item is the right fit for you then book yourself a consultation appointment.

    • 4mm high-density neoprene
    • Seams are triple-glued and double-thread blind-stitched on the outside; the inside is coated with a liquid polymer that penetrates the nylon layer and fuses to the neoprene, creating a long-lasting waterproof seam.
    • A smooth-skin fold-under neoprene neck seal and straight smooth-skin seals on the wrists
    • Heavy-duty YKK drysuit zipper is covered by a neoprene overflap for added protection.
    • Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valve
    • Attached neoprene soft socks
    • Elastic, adjustable and removable suspender system
    • Handy right-thigh utility pocket with zippered closure
    • Heavy-duty kneepads
    • Includes a 6.5mm anatomically shaped hood, a carry bag, a repair kit, zipper wax and owners manual.

    Please note: We cannot ship Scubapro items outside the EMEA - Learn more

    Add Mcnett Neoslix to aid with the donning and doffing of the suit as well as to prolong the life of the seals too.

    Read some tips and tricks to take care of your drysuit with our blog!

    SKU: 60.853.200
  • Size Guide
  • Use this guide to find the best fitting Scubapro Drysuit for you. Please note that the guide covers all sizes across all of their drysuits which means that not all sizes are available in every drysuit. Please contact us if you require any further assistance with sizing or have a question about one of their drysuits. Remember, this is a guide only and we highly recommend that you try your new drysuit on properly to ensure a good fit before using for the first time.


    Scubapro Mens Drysuit Size Guide
     Size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
    S 170 - 175 70 - 80
    M 175 - 180 75 - 85
    MT 180 - 185 75 - 85
    LS 175 - 180 80 - 90
    L 180 - 185 80 - 90
    LT 185 - 190 80 - 90
    XLS 180 - 185 85 - 95
    XL 185 - 190 85 - 95
    XLT 190 - 195 85 - 95
    2XLS 185 - 190 90 - 100
    2XL 190 - 195 90 - 100
    3XL 195+ 95 - 105
    4XL 195+ 100 - 110


    Scubapro Womens Drysuit Size Guide
     Size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
    S / 36 155 - 160 45 - 60
    S / 38 160 - 165 50 - 65
    ST / 76 165 - 170 50 - 65
    MS / 20 160 - 165 55 - 70
    M / 40 165 - 170 55 - 70
    MT / 80 170 - 175 55 - 70
    LS / 21 165 - 170 60 - 75
    L / 42 170 - 175 60 - 75
    LT / 84 175 - 180 60 - 75
    XLS / 22 170 - 175 65 - 80
    XL / 44 175 - 180 65 - 80
    2XLT / 92 185+ 70 - 85

    Accessory Sizes

    This chart details the size of the supplied hood and either bots or socks depending on the drysuit


    XS M M M 40/41 XS S M M 40/41
    S M L M 42 S S L L 42
    ST S L L 42
    MS S L L 42
    M M XL ML 43/44 M M XL XL 43/44
    MT M 2XL 2XL 45
    LS M XL XL 43/44
    L L 2XL L 45 L L 2XL 2XL 45
    LT L 2XL 2XL 45
    XLS L 2XL 2XL 45
    XL XL 2XL L 45 XL XL 2XL 2XL 45
    XLT XL 2XL 3XL 46/47
    2LS XL 2XL 2XL 45
    2XL XL 3XL XL 46/47 2XL XL 3XL 3XL 46/47
    3XL XL 4XL 2XL 48 3XL XL 4XL 4XL 48
    4XL 2XL 4XL 2XL 48 4XL 2XL 4XL 4XL 48
    5XL 2XL 4XL 2XL 48 5XL 2XL 4XL 4XL 48


    2XS S XS 2XS 37/38 2XS XS XS XS 37/38
    XS S XS 2XS 37/38 XS S XS XS 37/38
    S S S XS 39 S M S S 39
    ST M S S 39
    MS M S S 39
    M S M S 40/41 M M M M 40/41
    MT M M M 40/41
    LS M M M 40/41
    L M M S 40/41 L L M M 40/41
    LT L M M 40/41
      XLS L 2XL 2XL 45
    XL M M M 40/41 XL L M M 40/41
    XLT L M M 40/41
    2LS L M M 40/41
    2XL M L L 42 2XL L L L 42
    3XL M L L 42 3XL L L L 42
    4XL M L L 42 4XL L L L 42
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