Scuba Diving Equipment Holiday Checklist

August 23, 2017

Scuba Diving Equipment Holiday Checklist

Whether you have had your dive trip booked for months and have been patiently waiting for the day to come round or you have taken advantage of an amazing deal on a last minute booking there is always a little concern about making sure you have packed everything you need. Sure, spare bits of kit may be available but you can bet it is no where near as good as your own kit.

To help make sure you take everything you need we have put together a checklist covering the main areas of kit that you are likely to need. Obviously what you eventually take will depend on the type of diving you will be doing but it is a good place to start. Don't forget that if you are missing something from this list that you need in a hurry we offer Next Business Day delivery on anything that we have in stock or pop in to see us in store to see how we can help you out.

Diving Equipment

▢ Certification Cards
▢  Main dive / travel bag
▢  Mesh / boat bag
▢  Mask
▢  Snorkel
▢  Fins
▢  Boots
▢  BCD / wing
▢  Wetsuit
▢  Gloves
▢  Hood
▢  Dive knife / line cutter
▢  Regulators
▢  Dive computer
▢  Compass (if separate)
▢  Dive light / torch (and extra batteries or charger)
▢ Log book
▢ Slate
▢  SMB
▢  Reel
▢  Weight belt
▢ Whistle
▢ Spares (fin strap, mask strap, o-rings)

Photography Equipment

▢  Camera
▢ Housing (if separate)
▢ Spare o-ring
▢ spare battery
▢ Memory cards
▢ Camera bag
▢  Strobes/ video lights
▢ Camera tray and arms

Storage Equipment

▢ Laptop
▢ Card reader
▢ Transfer cable
▢ Laptop charger
▢ Backup hard drive

Health / Hygiene

▢ Allergy tablets
▢ Pain killers
▢ Motion sickness tablets
▢ First aid kit
▢ Toothbrush
▢ Toothpaste
▢ Shampoo / body wash
▢ Deodorant
▢ Skin care products
▢ Shaving products
▢ Sun cream
▢ Insect repellent
▢ Vaccinations


▢ Shirts
▢ Shorts
▢ T-Shirts
▢ Dresses / skirts
▢ Trousers
▢ Shoes / sandals
▢ Socks
▢ Swim wear
▢ Underwear
▢ Jumpers
▢ Rain jacket
▢ Hat
▢ Belt


▢ Cash / cards
▢ Dive / Travel insurance
▢ Passport
▢ ID / driver's license
▢ Plane / travel tickets
▢ Backpack
▢ Chargers
▢ Plug adapters
▢ Sunglasses
▢ Towel


You can download this list and print it out to tick things off as you go along. It is also useful to take with you to ensure you bring everything back again. Remember, this is not the be all and end all of lists so what might be crucial to you and your expected diving may be different.

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