Dive Torches

Underwater torches can be vital, especially when deep diving or cave diving. As you get further below the water’s surface your surroundings become dark due to the depth you are at. A diving torch allows you to see exactly what lies ahead of you when your eyes fail to do so. Crucial in certain dive situations such as diving expeditions without natural light, a dive torch could be the only source to allow you to see your surroundings and help avoid any unwanted accidents when in unfamiliar territories. We strongly recommend you take a torch along with you on every dive you undertake. Even if it is just a tropical daytime dive most experienced divers will have a small pocket torch which allows them to shine it either in a nook or overhang at certain fishes bringing their colours alive!

We strongly recommend considering a rechargeable torch, although they are slightly more expensive then the conventional battery torch they do not require new batteries after a couple of dives so are more economical in the long run and some such as the Light and Motion range can be charged without opening the torch eliminating all risk of flooding.

At Mike's Dive Store we hold a large selection of dive torches and dive light accessories to assist you when diving, from well-known dive brands including; Aqualung, Finnsub, Intova, Light and Motion, Mares, MetalSub and Scubapro.

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