Introducing Mike's Dive Cameras
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Introducing Mike's Dive Cameras

Introducing Mike's Dive Cameras

We are excited to announce the launch of our new dedicated underwater camera store, Mike's Dive Cameras, which brings together the excellent customer service you can rely on from Mike's Dive Store and the years of experience and knowledge from our new underwater photography and videography team. Whether you are after a replacement screw or a complete rig we'll be able to sort you out with the right kit.

The new website is ready for you to have a scout around and start picking out your new toys so please let us know what you think? The efficient Mike’s Dive team will handle the fulfilment from the main warehouse and you are also welcome to pop in to the Chiswick store to have a hands-on experience with our equipment. The camera store is located within the Mike’s Dive Store shop with free parking in front of the building. Mike’s Dive Cameras  is already stocking products from brands like Nauticam, Sea & Sea, Inon, Weefine, BigBlue, Canon, Fantasea, Backscatter, Sealife with more to come and many others that can be ordered if needed.

Mike's Dive Cameras

If you are interested in underwater photography be sure to sign up to the Mike's Dive Cameras newsletter as they will be continuously adding new products as well as providing helpful tips and articles on their blog to help improve your photography and videography skills and rig configuration. 

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