New Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask

New Fourth Element Dive Mask

The Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask stands out due to its innovative features and superior design aimed at enhancing your underwater experience. This frameless single-lens mask is available in either a pure clear or contrast lens option, enabling you to customize it to your preferred diving conditions. It boasts a design that benefits better visibility when in a horizontal trim, ensuring that your exploration of the underwater world is unrestricted.

Achieving a near-neutral field of vision

The mask's universal fit is suitable for different face shapes, making it an excellent choice for both snorkelling and scuba diving. Its near-natural field of view presents a stunning visual experience, with an angled profile to enlarge your field of view. This element also ensures that your line of sight is not disturbed, making it perfect for photography or filming underwater. The mask offers an impressive 120-degree panoramic view, giving you a complete view of the surrounding marine life.

Fourth Element Seeker Mas with Contrast Lens

Durability and Comfort

Made with high-quality tempered glass, the Fourth Element Seeker Mask promises durability and excellent resistance to scratches and breakage. Its low-volume design reduces the mask's overall weight, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The skirt is crafted from high-grade silicone that provides a secure seal against your face, ensuring elimination of any seepage and keeping your vision clear throughout your dive.

The Fourth Element Mask Strap Comes with a standard Silicone Strap but its also compatible with best selling Fourth Element Universal Fabric Mask Strap. Made entirely from recycled materials, the elasticated strap is crafted using a combination of rubber and recycled nylon, adding to its durability and comfort. Meanwhile, the straps clips are developed from waste Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, commonly sourced from the automotive industry. This thoughtful design initiative reduces the environmental footprint of the strap. The clips have been meticulously designed to fit most mask buckles, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. They are guaranteed to fit all Fourth Element masks, further enhancing the adaptability of the product.

Fourth Element Fabric Mask Strap for Seeker Mask

Clear Lens for Photography, Cave, Wreck and All-Round DIving

Maximizing the amount of transmitted light, the The Fourth Element Seeker Mask's Clarity Lens stands as an exceptional feature, particularly beneficial for night divers and underwater photographers. The lens is crafted with no tint from impurities in the glass, ensuring that every ray of available light in the murky underwater world reaches your eyes. Manufactured with the highest level of purity, the Clarity Lens not only enhances your view but also delivers maximum visual acuity during a dive. This feature significantly improves your underwater exploration experience, making the Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask your go-to choice for all your diving adventures.

Fourth Element Seeker Mask - Clarity Lens


Contrast Lens for Temperate Water Diving

The Fourth Element Seeker Mask Black with Contrast Lens is ideally suited for temperate seas, thanks to its innovative CONTRAST lens. This lens filters out certain mid-range wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum and has a distinct green appearance. The result is a significant increase in contrast when diving in temperate (green) waters, where the lens accentuates brighter and darker areas, enhancing your perception of visual acuity. Images viewed through the CONTRAST lens are crisp and clear, adding an extra dimension to your underwater exploration. Moreover, the CONTRAST lens provides comprehensive protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, offering full UVA and UVB protection. This commitment to safety and visual excellence makes the Fourth Element Seeker Mask a standout choice for divers seeking a superior underwater experience.

Fourth Element Contrast Lens for Seeker Mask


Fourth Element Seeker Mask Features:

  • Single lens frameless mask
  • Choice of pure clear or contrast lens
  • Universal fit
  • Ideal for snorkelling & scuba diving
  • Near-natural field of view
  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Moulded silicone strap
  • Angled profile to maximise field of view
  • Compatible with fourth element recycled mask strap

Key Features of Fourth Element Seeker Mask

In summary, the key features of the Fourth Element Seeker Mask that set it apart include its innovative single-lens frameless design. It offers a choice of a pure clear or contrast lens, catering to various diving conditions. The mask promises a universal fit, making it well-suited for both snorkeling and scuba diving. One of its defining traits is a near-natural field of view, which presents an unparalleled visual experience underwater. A soft silicone skirt ensures a comfortable fit and a secure seal, while a molded silicone strap provides stability and strength. The mask's angled profile is purposefully designed to maximize the field of view, ensuring that divers can fully immerse themselves in the underwater environment. Compatibility with the Fourth Element's recycled mask strap further underscores the brand's commitment to creating environmentally friendly and sustainable products. This comprehensive combination of features makes the Fourth Element Seeker Mask a remarkable piece of diving equipment, enhancing the overall underwater experience.

Fourth Element Seeker Dive Masks