Introducing the New Suunto EON Core Dive Computer

October 18, 2017

Introducing the New Suunto EON Core Dive Computer

The Suunto EON Core is the latest full colour display dive computer to join their range and as the name suggests it bears many of the features, functionality and specification of the original EON Steel dive computer but in a smaller and lighter format marketed at recreational divers that wanted all the technological advancements of the EON Steel but couldn't quite justify the price tag.

The EON Core features a lightweight reinforced composite housing that significantly shrinks the overall size of the housing but the maximum depth rating has been sacrificed to an 80m limit but as this is intended for recreational divers 80m is more than ample. The three buttons that were previously on the front face of the EON Steel have been moved to the side of the Core to further reduce the footprint of the housing. The overall result is a computer that is approximately half the weight of the Steel and fits much more comfortably on the wrist, especially if you dive with a steamer or shorty wetsuit.

Even though it is smaller the EON Core is still packed with features and technology. The full colour TFT screen is back lit using LEDs for maximum efficiency, Bluetooth connectivity with smart devices for instantaneous dive profile synchronisation using the Suunto Movescount app as well as PC/MAC connectivity via the interface cable and Dive Manager, wireless air integration with support for up to 10 Tank Pods (the same ones as used with the EON Steel), a tilt compensated 3D digital compass, user update-able software, a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that will provide between 10 and 20 hours of diving depending on your settings and configurable CustomDisplay screens.

Suunto EON Core Colours

The Suunto EON Core is available in three colours that adds a black, white and lime surround to the screen. Out of the box the computer provides air, nitrox and gauge dive modes but Trimix and CCR support can be activated via the Dive Manager software if desired (it's supposed to be a recreational dive computer remember!). Like the EON Steel, the Core can be converted from the large elastomer strap to a bungee strap but the Bungee Adaptor Kit is sold separately and of course Screen Protectors are also available to help prevents your screen being accidentally scratched.

The market for full colour, technologically advanced wrist mounted computers is definitely heating up these days with quite a few other choices these days such as models from Ratio and Scubapro but it is just so hard to beat the looks, features and quality of Suunto Dive Computers before you even get to the amazing customer service that they offer. All that rolled together makes the EON Core very hard to beat.

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