New Website Feature - Bundle Builder

New Website Feature - Bundle Builder

A new feature is starting to appear on our website that we are hoping will make kit choice and combining the right scuba diving and snorkelling equipment so much easier.

The choice of diving equipment is just immense, so we have always grouped dive kit that we think works well together into pre-configured packages to try and help divers with choosing equipment, particular new and inexperienced divers. The problem is that there was very little scope for the diver to customise to suit their particular needs.

Our new bundle builder has been developed to not only offer our customers so much more flexibility when choosing diving packages but also allow us to guide them though choosing compatible components and accessories at the same time. The first proper use of the new feature is for configuring prescription masks which is something that has caused issued in the past if incompatible masks and lenses were ordered.

Prescription Mask Bundle Builder

We have big plans for the new builder function with a growing list of packages, starter kits and bundle ideas to work through so watch this space as we continue to make purchasing the right kit online simpler.

List of current kit builders: