Don’t Be A Grinch! Christmas Gift Ideas Part Deux

Don’t Be A Grinch! Christmas Gift Ideas Part Deux

Don’t be a Grinch! Christmas Gift Ideas part deux.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart but you bought me some rubbish I didn’t really want.  THIS year (to save me from tears) please go to Mike’s Dive Store!!

2020 is at last about to “do one”.  To help it go out with a bang, we suggest you give the divers in your life a useful haul of booty in the form of one of our Christmas Gift Packs. The packs come in Small, Medium, Large and Super and are priced accordingly.  All have some basic core elements - an “I’d Rather Be Diving” face covering, a Double Ended Stainless Steel Boltsnap, ISC O-Ring Keychain, Anti-Fog and a Mares Dry Bag (either 5 or 10 litres depending on your chosen pack size). The amount of goodies multiply and get more awesome as the packs get bigger! As an example, the pièce de résistance in the Super pack is the 360observe Mirror which allows the diver to easily maintain eye contact with other divers, their kit and the environment around them. We have deliberately left out any lumps of coal and walnuts from our gift packs, based on 2020’s unwelcome surprises thus far.

Please see below for some other diving items we think would make excellent gifts for either you or your buddy this year. Mummy does not need to kiss Santa Claus to ensure delivery of them. See all the ideas mentioned here (and more) on our page Christmas Gifts for Scuba Divers.

Dive Clothing

Dive Clothing

Baby, it’s cold outside. No, it isn’t time to layer up your Bart Simpson Christmas socks! You need to invest in some brand new Fourth Element clobber to wage war on Jack Frost. The Fourth Element Xerotherm Hoodie is made from a special type of nylon which comes from ghost fishing nets that have been salvaged from the ocean. This fast-wicking hoodie draws moisture away from your body while having outstanding thermal performance. Also available in a women’s cut.

The Arctic range has been tested in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. You may not be an expedition diver yet but the Fourth Element Arctic Hoodie will keep you toasty warm in any situation. The wind resistant outer layer is twinned with a high-density inner fleece that is super stylish and practical. Also available for women.

Stay dry, warm, look fashionably “on-point” AND be kind to the planet – buy the wannabe super-hero in your life a Fourth Element Storm Poncho. This multi-functional piece of gear can be used to heat up or cover up.  The lining has S.Cafe® in its fabric make-up which recycles coffee grounds and has fast drying properties.  There are also post-consumer plastic bottles in the recycled fleece material.

Dive Computers

Dive Computers

Santa lives in Finland’s northern most region of Lapland.  You can therefore guarantee that he will have had delivery from those nice people at Suunto! The Suunto Zoop Novo is an excellent entry level dive computer with some advanced features that aren't found on any of its competition in the same price bracket.  This “big face” dive computer is nitrox compatible, has intuitive four button navigation with both a luminescent and backlit display.

The Aqua Lung i300C is rugged and uncomplicated.  It has four operating modes- including nitrox - and allows gas switching underwater (should you later get qualified to do so).  Its secret weapon is the Bluetooth connectivity that lets you share your dive info and photos on social media.  This is done via the free DiverLog+ app on your smartphone (for iOS and Android).   

The Mares Smart is a watch-style nitrox computer that doesn’t require scrolling through multiple screens to see all your dive information.  Its LCD segment display is split up into three sections, showing depth, no-deco times, decompression and stop information and gives you dive time. Choose from a combination of 6 colour options and remember to ask for either the Mares Dive Link USB interface or the Mares Bluelink Pro so you can transfer your dive info to the DiveSSI app (available on both Android and Apple operating systems).

Christmas Gift Ideas Scuba Diving Regulators


Why give one piece of breathing apparatus when you can give two for the same price??? Overindulgence may be the theme of the day but it’s easy to justify purchasing a Scubapro MK17 EVO S620Ti & Free R195 Regulator Set. Offer valid until the end of December 2020, this great combination promises excellent performance and reliability in cold water.  Breathe easy – your wallet won’t be going on a bender with this cracking Scubapro deal!

Brand new to the market is the Mares Dual 62X Regulator. Like the star of Bethlehem, the first stage is a thing of silvery beauty with a pearl-chrome finish.  Dynamic flow control is designed to minimise any pressure that drops when diving during inhalation.  This maximises air delivery. The Dual second stage is made from an ultra-light technopolymer that is abrasion resistant and ideal for diving in moderate and warm waters. The easy to reach flow control is great for use in strong currents, on deep dives or in extreme conditions.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The Aqua Lung Leg3nd MBS Stage 3 Regulator Set has exceptional cold-water performance thanks to an integrated dry chamber, heat-exchanger ribs and overmolded cap. The anti-freeze properties on the first stage are considerately combined with the Master Breathing System (an all-in-one inhalation and venturi adjuster) on the lightweight second stage. The leg3nd MBS provides an effortless breathe for “All depths, all conditions, all dives”. We love Aqua Lung’s attention to detail like co-ordinated colour ways which means that this regulator matches both the blue i300C dive computer and Pro HD BCD!

Christmas Gift Ideas BCDs


Allow yourself an extra mince pie. The unique harness of the modular Scubapro Hydros Pro adjusts to your body shape, providing improved fit and comfort. The harness is made up of interchangeable Monprene components which are very hard-wearing. The novel interchangeable design of this BCD allows parts to be switched, upgraded and replaced in the future. Suitable for UK diving, the Hydros Pro can also be stripped right down for travelling and has a range of customisable accessories. Available for both men and women.

Go Rogue with this no-fuss BCD from pioneers Aqua Lung. The lightweight (less than 2.2kg) modular Rogue BCD comes off the peg in small, medium and large sizes or can be customised for the less conventional body shape. Unique ModLock™ connectors allow for quick and easy changing of components so you can set back, shoulder, and waist sizes individually.  Dismantle for travel or storage with just a pen, key or even a teaspoon!

The Mares Magellan BCD does not have a rigid backpack which means it can be rolled/packed down to a tiny size. It still delivers 18.5kg (41lbs) of lift and is made from a mix of high quality, durable materials including Cordura.  Just like a chocolate advent calendar, good things come in small packages!

Christmas Gift Ideas Scuba Diving Torches


The Angel Gabriel will always be shining down on you when armed with the Scubapro Nova 250 Dive Torch.  This little pocket rocket has a stylish aluminium body rated to 150 meters with 250 lumen at maximum output.  Powered by just a CR123A battery (not included), this torch has a burn time of up to 5 hours and weighs just 70 grams.

The Tovatec Fusion 1050 is a compact dive light using a CREE LED for excellent reliability and brightness.  This torch generates 1050 lumen powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. We love the sliding head which adjusts the beam angle from 12 degrees to 100 degrees.  Should you feel the need to light the way for the Three Kings, the head can even to be removed completely for a 140 degree beam.

Stocking Fillers:

Apeks LifeLine Spools are made from tough, yet lightweight anodised aluminium alloy.  The high visibility line is ideal for low light diving conditions with a super tough leader and swivel as standard. The flared sides are easy to grip which improves deployment and winding. Whether you want to send up an SMB or use as a cave guideline, there is a LifeLine for every application and a colour for every mood! Available in four sizes - 15 metres (purple), 30 metres (green), 45 metres (blue) and 60 metres (gun metal grey), all spools are manufactured in the UK and come with a double ended stainless steel bolt snap. In another life they could have easily been pretty baubles for your Christmas tree!

Nothing says I love you more than the gift of a sausage.  Mares have a great range of Surface Marker Buoys at affordable prices. Let your buddy know you want to see them both above and below the waves with the Mares All In One Divers Marker Buoy.   It comes complete with 20 metre spool, double-ended carabiner, integrated mesh pocket and an oral inflator that can be pushed into your low pressure inflator hose for rapid inflation.  

“Be prepared” as the Scouts used to say.  Save a manta trapped in monofilament, untangle some coral from a suffocating ghost net or simply crack open a post-dive beer! The Scubapro Mako Knife is compatible with all Scubapro BCDs that feature knife grommets; the sheath has a unique locking mechanism to allow one-hand release; its 8.5cm long hard-tempered stainless steel Mako blade provides a conventional edge, as well as a serrated one with a line cutter.

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned timepiece? In a world of advancing technology, it is comforting to know that the simple mechanics of ticking hands still exist to move us out of 2020! All Apeks Dive Watches have a stainless steel case, rotating bezel and strong polyurethane strap. Tested from 100 metres down to 1000 metres, these watches are what we have come to expect from Apeks – reliable and robust.

Gift Cards:

If you have run out of consumer steam or your buddy is not dropping enough gifting hints, why not give one of our E-vouchers? Pick a design, personalise the message and choose the delivery date to an email address. It’s that easy!

Christmas shopping at Mike’s Dive Store needn’t be hard work. We have all you need to escape from  family arguments, board games and bad TV in order to immerse yourself into a world of watery silence! We hope you get a well-deserved festive dip at some point and our team look forward to helping you plan your new year’s diving resolutions in 2021.